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Abdul Gulamali Kanji

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Abdul Gulamali Kanji

All Nicknames Abucho

Date of Death 2008/10
Place of Death Tanga

Place of longest stay Tanga
Where Tanga
Family tree click here
Full name Fatma Gulamali Kanji
Full name Gulamali A. Kanji
Full name Gulbanu Gulamali Kanji
Full name Nuru Kanji Rayani
Full name Amirali Kanji
Full name Fateh Gulamali Kanji
Full name Roshan Kanji Suleiman
Full name Khatun Gulamali Kanji
Full name Zulekha Gulamali Kanji

Gulamali Kanji was born in 1893 in India (State of Gujarat). He came to East Africa with his sister when he was 10 years old. He married Fatma who was born in 1903 in Kibwezi (Kenya). They had 8 children (5 daughters and three sons). The children’s names are as follows in the order of their age:

Gulbanu Kanji who passed away in a car accident near the new Arusha Airport

Nuru Kanji married Shamshudin Rayani and settled in Nairobi. Nuru passed away in a car accident near the new Arusha Airport together with Gulbanu.

Amirali Kanji married Gulbanu, daughter of late Gulamhussein Dharsee of Tanga. Amirali worked for East African Landing & Shipping Company in Tanga. He passed away in Calgary on February 5, 2000.

Fateh "Dungri" Kanji married Dolatkhannu. Fateh passed away in Calgary.

Roshan Kanji married Abdul Hasham Suleiman of Tanga (known as George). Khatun Kanji who eventually moved to London and passed away there.

Abdul "Abucho" who passed away in Tanga in October 2008. Zulekha Kanji who is currently living in London.