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Abdulla Jetha

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Abdulla Jetha

Family tree click here
Full name Esmail Jetha
Full name Abdulmohamed Jetha
Full name Sherali Jetha
Full name Abdulsultan Jetha
Full name Sadru Jetha
Full name Noordin Jetha
Full name Shirin Jetha
Full name Shahsultan Jetha

by Shiraz Jetha, Olympia, WA and Nizar Jetha, Calgary, AB, November 19, 2011

  • Abdulla had 4 boys and 2 girls
  • Sherali who moved to Usa river near Arusha to manage the family farm
  • Abdulsultan (Babu), Sadru and Noordin who were in Tanga
  • Shirin (who married and moved to Dar)
  • Shahsultan (Dhani) who married and moved to Morogoro

  • Abdulmohamed (Dhallu) had 2 boys, Nizar and Shiraz
  • Sherali did not marry and neither did Noordin (who lived in London for many years).
  • Sadru has a daughter who is married and lives in New Jersey and Babu’s children are Shenaz (married and lived in Dar, now in Toronto), Nashir and Shamash (both in Toronto)