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Badrudin Karmali Sayany

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Rai Badrudin Karmali Sayany
Bud & Parvin Sanany 2015.png
All Nicknames BUD
Place of birth Kampala
Country of birth Uganda
Date of Birth 1928/10/01

Place of longest stay Karachi
Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life: Lawyer, Banker
Where Karachi
Family tree click here
Full name Fatma Jivraj Merali
Full name Karmali Daya Sayany
Full name Parvin Dostmohamed Alladin
Full name Sultan Karmali Daya Sayani
Full name Serene Mooraj
Full name Zuhair Badrudin Sayany
Full name Ayesha Sayany Shafi

Badrudin Sayany’s long life has traversed all the highways and byways of the Khoja journey – a pioneer existence in Uganda, colonial student life in the UK and India, a victim of the Partition of the Subcontinent, a role in the industrial development of the new Pakistani state and finally, as a participant in a multicultural world of Canada!

To understand his life, one has to become familiar with the world of Khoja voyages around the Indian Ocean littoral trading area, with its great opportunities and inevitable difficulties.

Bud, as he is popularly known, was born in Kampala, Uganda, the son of a successful immigrant from Kathiawar, India. His father, who was self-taught, placed great emphasis on the power of education for his 3 children and after their basic schooling, relocated his wife, daughter and two sons to the Panchgani hill station, India, where Bud was enrolled in St Peters School and his sister, Serene in the Kimmin School, both excellent private boarding schools. For a couple of years, Bud remembers travelling between India and Africa, having idyllic annual holidays in Kampala. Whilst on one such visit, however, Japanese U-boats torpedoed an Indian passenger ship SS Tilawa and the Sayany children could not risk going back. So Bud ended up finishing Senior Cambridge Exam at Agakhan High School, Mombasa, passing 1st class honours.

So strong was his father’s commitment to education that, as soon as the War was over, in early 1945, the entire family relocated to Bombay, where Bud and his sister were enrolled in the prestigious St. Xavier College, while his father opened an import/export business.

But, within 3 short years, before he could graduate, the upheavals of the Partition created civil chaos in Bombay. One night, there were “XX” crosses marked on their home in the Churchgate area and sensing danger to his children, his father forthwith made arrangements for Bud and his sister to continue their studies in the UK.

Both were enrolled to become Barristers at the prestigious Lincoln’s Inn, while the parents migrated to Karachi, part of the sad Hindu/Muslim exoduses in both directions.

Bud Sayani Serene Sayany and their father Karmali Sayany.png

Left to Right:Serene Karmali Sayany, Karmali Daya Sayany and Bud Karmali Sayany (London in April 1949)

Bud Sayani Serene Sayany and Sultan Sayany.png

Left to Right:Bud Karmali Sayany, Serene Karmali Sayany and Sultan Karmali Sayany, (London, 1949)

But his father’s business did not do well in his new adopted homeland and although Bud completed all the Bar courses and the Articles in 1951, he was forced to go to Pakistan to help his father’s ailing business. And so, Bud was not called to the Bar in the UK.

His father was importing plastic cylinders and selling them to Sindh, Baluchistan and Rajasthan, where they were made into ladies bangles. Father and son also started exporting Basmati, Joshi and Kangni rice from Pakistan to East Africa and Mauritius etc. This business was quite lucrative and lasted till 1956, when a catastrophic loss of 10,000 tonnes of rice due an expired Letter of Credit and the fall of price, resulted in failure.

But as a Khoja, Bud had his connections to East Africa and so made the voyage across the Indian Ocean once again, this time to Mombasa to take up a low-paying starter job as a typist! But very quickly, his entrepreneurial genes led him to a business venture, which was a first for Mombasa - he persuaded the owners of Regal Cinema to rent him a concession to sell popcorn! He brought a used machine from UK and corn from South Africa and made a small fortune in the 1st month.

However, the lure of being a Lincoln’s Inn barrister was strong and Bud re-took the Bar Exams and was finally called to UK Bar in 1958, through an absentee call in Nairobi, Kenya! (He got a break because he had already completed the other requirements in the UK!) After practising for a year, he felt the need to be with his family and went back across the Ocean to open a legal practice. In Karachi at the lower court level, it was “ a jungle” as he puts it and pretty soon, he was persuaded to join Amirali Fancy, a prominent local industrialist as his personal assistant. In this role, Bud was instrumental in creating the framework and establishment the Commerce Bank in Pakistan.

On 9th November 1963, Bud married Parvin, daughter of Khan Saheb DostMohamed Alladin from a prominent family of Hyderabad, India

Bud & Parvin Sayani Wedding Photo.png

Bud was an executive of the Bank and after its nationalisation and merger with the United Bank, as an in house legal advisor, he represented the new Bank at the High Court of Sindh. Bud is very proud of the fact that the proposals and draft made by the Committee of the Pakistan Banking Council (of which he was a member) were adopted by the government as the new Banking Regulations for Pakistan during this time.

In 1988, Bud retired after 25 years of service and was promptly enticed to join BCCI Hongkong as a legal advisor for the Regional Office, which comprised of Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, China and Bangladesh, where he spent 4 years until the BCCI folded up.

So in 1992, Bud Sayany, Barrister, finally got to open his own private office, appearing mostly before the Special Banking Court and advising Banks on foreign exchange matters and recovery of loans.

In 1994, the looming violence in Karachi came close to him- he and his wife were the subject of a brutal home invasion – 5 thugs with guns who threatened their lives and took all valuables. At this point, Bud decided to immigrate to Canada - it was a tough decision as he knew that he would probably never practise law again.

Bud Sayany lives in content retirement in Toronto, in close proximity to his 2 children, who are both well established professionals and who acknowledge his sacrifices through their love for him. He enjoys the attention of his grandchildren as he recounts his remarkable life to them!


Bud Sayany Family.png

Like his father, Bud believed in education for his children and sent his son and daughter to the best school in Karachi and after completing their A Levels he sent them to the U.S. for further education. His son Zuhair was admitted to Cornell University and after a year there got transferred to University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he completed his degree in Dentistry. Thereafter he went to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital for specialising in Pediatric Dentistry and is now settled in New Jersey as a Pediatric Dentist with his wife Asma who is an O.T and two children.

Bud's daughter Ayesha went to Mount Holyoke College and after graduation went to John Hopkins University and got her Masters in Health Sciences degree. And is now in Southlake (Dallas) Texas and runs a multi lingual Internet Radio Station ( Radio Azad). She is married to Dr. Shahid Shafi a Trauma and General Surgeon. Shahid is a City Councillor of the City of Southlake, Dallas Texas. They live in Southlake with their three children.

Bud has recently had a medical mishap but is recovering well!