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Esmail Nanji

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Esmail Nanji

Place of birth Lalpur, Kathiawar
Country of birth British India

Date of Death 1919
Place of Death Mwanza

Place of longest stay Mwanza

Family tree click here
Full name Hassanali Esmail Nanji


Full name Gulamhusein Esmail Nanji
Full name Rajabali Esmail Nanji

I am trying for some time to find information about Mr and Mrs Ismaili Nanji . Believe they originated from Jamnagar district .....Dhrafa , Lalpur in Gujarat Khatiawad. They were in Mwanza during WW1 years and passed away within 3 to 4 weeks of each other due global Spanish Flu epidemic in late 1918 or early 1919 . They left behind 3 young orphan boys. They were Ismailis and there were other Ismaili families in Mwanza at the time. Much appreciate if you can provide any information you may have or have come across. He had built a house on India Street now Bantu Street . Thank You.