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Megji Mulji

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Mukhi Megji Mulji
Megji Mulji.png

Place of birth Kutch
Country of birth India
Date of Birth 1861
Date of Death 1932

Place of longest stay Bombay
Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life: Business
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Full name Hasan Ali Megji Mulji
Full name Abdullah Megji Mulji
Full name Somji Megji Mulji
Full name Rahim Megji Mulji

He was born in Badresar, Kutchh, in 1861. His father died when he was 3 years old. Dressed in rags, he arrived in Bombay in 1878 at the age of 17 years. He started to work in a shop, where the grams were baked in the oven, thus earning two rupees per month. He was honest and a hard worker, therefore, his monthly pay was raised to five rupees.

He worked hard for three years. He passed his whole day working with others and baked grams at night to sell for buying bread. In 1880, he erected his own shop at old Hammam Street, Bombay, and made further progress very soon.

He got married at the end of 1881. In 1900, he opened his office of estate agency and became a broker of houses, buildings and plots in Bombay. In sum, he was able to earn Rs. 50,000/- during the last 20 years.

In 1901, he also purchased the Master Flour Mill in a partnership. His partner severed from him after six months. He was now a sole owner of the mill, named, Prince Flour Mill.

He is also reputed to have constructed the new building of the Jamatkhana and generated a fund of Rs. 89,500/- including his own contribution of forty thousands rupees.

In the loving memory of his son, Hasan Ali, he built the H.H. The Aga Khan's Maternity Home at Sandhurst Road, Bombay, at the cost of two lacs of rupees. He cherished a desire to decorate the new Jamatkhana with a clock tower. He did not decipher his plan to anyone, even to the Imam, and built it in 1925 at the cost of Rs. 26,000/-.

In view of his meritorious services, he merited the title of Wazir in 1932.

Prince Aly Khan came in India from Europe on December 5, 1932 and Mukhi Megji accompanied him during his tour in India.

Prince Aly Khan also sent a message to his wife, Mukhiani Ajbai that, 'Late Mukhi Megji was a great person and his loss will be felt amongst the Ismailis.'

Prince Aly Khan visited the H.H. The Aga Khan's Maternity Home, lying at Sandhurst Road, Bombay on December 15, 1933 at 10.35 a.m. Alijah Ghulam Hussain Bandali Somji, the Managing Trustee, Ghulam Ali G. Merchant, the Trustee of late Mukhi Megji and Huzur Wazir Ali Muhammad R. Macklai warmly welcomed him. He inspected the overall work and supervision. He entered into the main hall, where Mukhiani Ajbai and her two daughters submitted their humble presents to him.

The Imam had also taken a flying visit of the H.H. The Aga Khan's Maternity Home on January 10, 1934 and blessed Mukhiani Ajbai and her two daughters.