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Alibhai Hasham Rawji

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Alibhai Hasham Rawji

Family tree click here
Full name Aminaben Shariff Punja
Full name Hasham Rawji Mullani
Full name Sakerben Kassam Popatia
Full name Sadrudin Hasham Rawji
Full name Ahmed Hasham Rawji
Full name Husseinali Hasham Rawji
Full name Mohamed Alibhai Hasham Mullani
Full name Habib Alibhai Hasham Mullani
Full name Mansur Alibhai Hasham Mullani
Full name Gulshan Mansurali Hussein Charania
Full name Naseem Firoj Shabudin Popatia

Alibhai inherited the small agricultural plot in Pokila from his father and ahd a market stall in town selling the produce and milk.

Every morning he would wake up at 4 am and went to the farm by is his bullock cart. He would milk yhe bullocks and be back intown by 5 am to sell the milk.

he would return to the farm to till until 12 noon when he returned to the town green market to sell his produce. he would then return back to farm until 7 pm. His eldest son helped in this work.

But he was determined to educate his children even though it was very expensive, so they would never have to till the land again.

His son Mohamedali went to class 9th English. Hussein and Nasrin were educated until they received government scholarships.

He did not have any relatives in Africa so it was always hard for him.

After his family became succesful, he retired and focused on signing ginans to keep that tradition alive.