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The Khoja Diaspora

We believe, as many of you also do, that the wonderful 700-year migratory history of the Khojas should not be allowed to die, even as our elders pass away. Our response is Khojawiki.org - a not-for-profit collaborative effort to systematically record living people's stories about their own experiences and their recollection of the stories of their parents and other ancestors, in their own words, using the power of the Internet. Read More


It is Wednesday, June 28, 2017, and KhojaWiki.org currently has 22,997 people listed and 814,665 visits! See Full List Here 22,997

RECENT PROFILES- Click names for their stories:


HON. ABDUL AZIZ, Member of Parliament


Abdul Aziz main page.png
Abdul Aziz Gulamhusein Remtulla’s(Remu)life in Ceylon exemplifies the frequent tendency of the Khoja migrants to engage in the civic life of their new home and to “pay back” to that society. The son of a successful Gwadar-born immigrant, who made his home in Colombo of the 1930’s, Abdul Aziz, as he came to be known in Sri Lanka, went on to devote more than 50 years to the plight of the tea-plantation workers, who have been grossly exploited first by the colonial plantation owners and later by local Sri Lankan owners. Abdul Aziz Bhai died on 29th April 1990 and it is a testament to his towering stature in Sri Lankan society that the President, Prime Minster and most politicians of all stripes were in attendance at his funeral. In fact, the government also issued a special commemorative stamp in honour of his contribution to that beautiful but troubled nation. Read more

Earliest Historical Reference To Khoja Merchants = 1543 AD

Check it out here!!! Khoja Shams-ud-din Gillani

INDEX OF OVER 250 PERSONAL HISTORIES IN KHOJAWIKI-Click on the name to read the full INTERESTING story.

1. Abdallah Ratansi

2. Abdul Aziz

3. Abdulali Esmail Somji

4. Abdulla Jetha

5. Abdulla Shariff Kanji

6. Abdullah Hashim Gangji

7. Abdullah Ibrahim Rahimtoola

8. Abdulrasul Alibhai Kassim-Lakha

9. Abdulrasul Allidina Visram

10. Abualy Alibhai Aziz

11 Abdulrasul Fazal Moloo

12. Adam Adu

13. Adam Akberali

14. AG Abdulhussein

15. Ahmed Devji

16. Ahmed Ibrahim Rahimtoola

17. Ahmedali Nizari

18. Akber Maherali Sorathia

19. Akberbhai Makhani

20. Akberali Fazal Ismail

21. Akberali Merali Jiwa

22. Al Noor Kassum

23. Alarakhia Dossani

24. Alibhai Gulamhusein Jiwani

25. Alibhai Hasham Rawji

26. Alidina Asani

27. Amil Issa Shivji

28 Allidina Visram

29. Allu Visram[

30. Alnashir Hasham

31. Alnoor Hassanali Karim Abdulla

32. Alyque Padamsee

33. Amersi Manji Lakhani

34.Amil Issa Shivji

35. Amin Kassam

36. Aminbhai Nazerali Abhwani

37. Amir Habib Jamal

38. Amir Husein Kheraj

39. Amirali Bhatia

40. Anverali Aziz Charania

41. Arif Virani

42.Assa Danidina

43. Azim Premji

44. Aziz Charania

45. Aziz Hashim

46. Aziz Tejpar

47. Bud Sayany

48. Badru G. Moosa

49. Badrudin Hassam Satchu

50. Ben Kingsley

51. Bhanji Jiwa

52. Bhimji Hamir

53. Cassum J. Rahimtoola

54. Currimbhoy Ebrahim

55. Datoo Meru

55A. Dahya Punja

56 Dhanji Jadavji Bhatia

57. Dolly Bhanji

58. Dewji Jamal

59. Dharamsi Khatau

60. Dolatkhanu Alibhai Jiwani

61. Ebrahim Jamal Pradhan

62. Esmail Jetha

63. Faisal Devji

64. Fakirmohamed Gaidher

65. Fatma Peera Dewjee

66. Fatmabai Kassamali Bhatia

67. Fazal Ibrahim Rahimtoola

68. Fazal Khamis Valli Nathu

69. Fazal Master

70. Fazalbhoy Currimbhoy Ebrahim

71. Firoz Goa

72. Firoz Shroff

73. Firoze Madatally Manji

74. Gulamali Jina Madhavji

75. Gulamhusein Khamis Valli

76. Gulamhusein Moloo Hirji

77. Gulamhusein Rajpar Ladak

78. Gulamhussein Abdulrasul Dhalla

79. Gulamhussein Dedhar

80. Gulamhussein Moledina Bhimani

81. Gulamhussein Remtulla

82. Gulsaker Dewji

83. Gulu Ramji

84. Habib Adat Dewji

85. Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola

86. Habib R.Lalani

87.Habib Mawji Nathani

88. Haider Hasham

89 Haider Pirbhai Jetha

90. Haji Dada

91. Haji Ladak

92. Hasanaly Currimbhoy Ibrahim

93. Hasham Jamal Pradhan

94. Hasham Jessa

95. Hashum J. Rahimtoola

96. Hassan Bhanji Jiwa

97. Hassanali Abdulla CHagpar

98. Hassanali Nanji Balolia

98A.Hassanali Nanji Giga

99.Hassanali Nasser Thaver

100. Hassanali Walji Kanji

101. Hoosenaly Rahimtoola

101AHusein Mohamedally Nazarally

102. Hussein Alibhai Mullani

103. Hussein Jaffer Bhimji Colombowalla

104. Hussein Walji Nayani

105. Ibrahim Ladha

105A Ibrahim Meru

106. Iqbal Gilani

107. Ismail Gangji

108. Ismail Mohamed Dewji

109. Ismail Rahimtulla Walji Hirji

110. Issa Gulamhussein Shivji

111. Issa Kassam Abji

112. Jadavji Walji Bhatia

113. Jaffar Ahmed Nizari

114. Jaffer Daya

115. Jaffer Padamsee

116. Jaffer Rahimtoola

117. Jafferali Ali Meghji

120. Jafferali Dhanji Suleman

121. Jamal Bhanji Jiwa

122. Jamal Pradhan- Kisumu

123. Janmohammed Bhanji Jiwa

124. Jeraj Shariff

125. Jina Madhavji

126. Jivraj Khatau

127. John Shamsudin Karmali

128. Juma Lalji Ladha

129. Kabir Jivraj

130. Kaderbhoy Adam

131. Kamrudin Hasham Jessa

132. Kamrudin Jeraj Shariff

131. Kanji Jetha Lala

132. Kara Ruda

133. Kara Samji Abhwani

134. Karamali Dahya Walji

135. Karim Jamal

136. Karim Moledina Pirani

137. Kassam Abji

140. Kassam Dewji

141. Kassam Haji

142. Kassam Rawji Mullani

143. Kassamali Hirji Jessani

144. Kassamali Paroo

145. Khamisa Devraj

146. Khoja Shams-ud-din Gillani

147. Kulsum Abdulrasul Wazir

148. Kulsumbai Abdulla Hasham

149.Labai Vellani

149 Lalji Kara Abhwani|

150. Lalji Ladha

151. Laljibhai Devraj

152. Madatali Rehmtulla Nanji

153. Madatally Manji

154. Madhavjee Jessani

155. Maherali Gokal Versi

156. Maheroon Mawji

157. Maqbool Habib Rahimtoola

158. Mamda Kassam

159. Manbai Rahimtoola

160. Manji Ghulamhussian Padamsee

161. Mehboob Dewji

162. Mehboob Madhavjee Jessani

163. Mithibai Habib Dewji

164. MohamedJaffer Ramzanali Hansraj

165. Mohamed Manek

165A Mohamed Suleman Zanzibar

166. Mohamedali Pirbhai

167. Mohamedally Rattansi

168. Mohamed-Jaffer Habib Bhayani

169. Mohamedali Suleman Meghji

170. Mohammad Rahimtoola

171. Mohammed Gulam Dewji

172. Mohamedali Natha Hirji

173. MohamedHussein Karim Gaidher

174. Moloobhai Alarakhia Dossani

175. Muhammad (Mohomedali) Jinnah

176. Muhammad Muradali Juma

177. Muhammed Hashim Premji

178. Mumtaz Akberali

179. Murad Rajabali Velshi

180. Murabbi Shariff Jiwa Surti

181. Mussabhai Ismat

182. Naaz Bandali

183. Nadiya Mohemedali Mandani

184. Naheed Nenshi

185. Najarali Mohmedali Pattni

186. Najmudin Kassam Dewji

187.Nargis Dhanji Bhatia

187 A Nargis Ali Ashgar Hamadanee

188.Nasser Virji

189. Natha Hirji

190. Naushad Noorali Merali

191. Nazerali Dewji

192. Nazerali Lalji Abhwani

193. Nizar (Nizoo) Ismail Munjee

194. Noor Nagji

195. Nooruddin Mohammed Rahimtoola

196. Nurbanu Gulamhussein Moledina

197. Nurdin Merali Jiwa

198. Nurmohamed Jeraj Shariff

199. Padamsee Viru

200. Parvez Vira

201. Peera Dewjee

202. P.V. Rajan

203. Rahemtulla Walji Virji

204. Rahim Ajmudin Samnani

205. Rahimtoola Kaderbhoy

206. Rahimtulla Walji Hirji

207. Rajabali Meghji Visram

208. Ramji Ladha Mullani

209. Ramzan Hasham Jamal

210. Ramzanali Shariff Jamal

211. Rashid Adat Dewji

212. Rashid Kassam Nanji

213. Ratansi Alwani

214. Razia Gulmohamad

215. Razia Nathani Suleman

216. Rehmat Bai Ratansi

217. Rishad Azim Premji

218. Rosy Kassam

219. Rozina Visram

220. Sadru Kassam

221. Sadrudin Hasham Ramji

222. Sadrudin Rajabali Meghji

223. Sakar Kassamali Jessani

224. Saleem Kassum

225. Salim Bhanji

226. Saukat Dhanani

227. Sewa Haji Paroo

228. Shamshu Alidina

229. Shamshu Bhanji Jiwa

230. Sherali Bandali Jaffer

231. Sherali Thaver

231A Sherali Jaffer Bhimani

232. Sherbanu G.Jina Madhavji

233. Shiraz Sumar

234. Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola

235. Somji Chaggan

236. Sugra Allidina Visram

237. Suleman J. Rahimtoola

238. Sultan Habib Kassam Dewji

239. Sultan Kamrudin Jessa

240. Sir Tharia Topan

241. U Kan Gyi

242. Valabhai M Nazarali

243. Walji Kanji

244. Yasmeen Premji

245.Yusuf A. Karim

245 A.Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

246. Yasmin Ajijbai Mithwani 247. Yasmin Ratansi

248. Zahra (Zara) Nanji

249. Zainub Verjee

250 Zarina Mohamed Khimji Punjani

(251)Zerakhanu Dhanji Bhatia

252. Zerakhanu R.F.Alidina

253. Zubeida Sultan Chinoy

254. Zulfikar Amirali H.Juma

Compiled by Javid Jeraj


The Khojas in Early Zanzibar History

Khoja Nasser House

Khoja Nasser House- now Old dispensary Zanzibar.jpg

That Khojas have lived in Zanzibar since the 17th century is documented, but what is more fascinating is that they may have also been here since the Portuguese domination in early 16th century!Read More


Book Launch

KhojaWiki did its first book launch on Sunday, June 4th, 2017, where Mr Mansoor Ladha, Journalist, Writer and Publisher did readings from his latest book, "Memoirs of a Muhindi".

The event was well attended and there was a lively discussion on Dr. Julius Nyerere's impact our community. The Moderator was the well-known Canadian IT entrepreneur, Mr. Alim Somani and the panel included our Director, Mr. Iqbal Dewji, who is also from Tanzania.

Khojawiki was invited to present its project at the 2nd International Ismaili Studies Conference at Carlton University.



2. BHUJ, KUTCH-23rd December 2016

3. PUNE, INDIA - 20th December 2016



We are extremely pleased to announce that the 1st Khojawiki Drop-In Centre is in operation at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Don Mills. Located opposite the Agakhan Museum, it is convenient for our seniors to come for a cup of chai and share their personal stories with our dedicated group of volunteers, who then enter the narratives, photos and other mementos on this website for preservation. The centre is bright, spacious and has a room dedicated for audio-visual recordings to keep for posterity. All are welcome between 11 am to 6 pm on week-days. Weekend is by appointment.

Our complete contact:

KHOJAWIKI, 6 Garamond Court, Don Mills, Ontario , Canada, M3C 1Z5

Main Line: (647) 428-5890

Coordinator: Zeenat Shariff: (647) 427-1627

Email: contact@khojawiki.org

Directions to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre


Almost 2000 people globally have joined our Facebook group "KHOJAWIKI" and now receive great stories about our people weekly. Please go to Facebook group “Khojawiki” and add yourselves on as members.


In Canada, high school students must volunteer 40 hours to the community service and as a registered charity, we are qualified to provide the certification. Please contact us if you can get a youth in your family to build your family tree and at the same time qualify for these hours. Guaranteed,they would likely never forget their ancestral lineage!Contact


Can you spare any time for this project? Volunteer here:Contact