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Dewji Jamal

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Dewji Jamal
Dewji Jamal.jpg

Place of birth Bombay
Country of birth India

Place of Death Mombasa

Place of longest stay Mombasa
Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life: Merchant Prince, Philanthropist
Where Tanzania
Family tree click here
Full name Nazerali Dewji
Full name Pirbhai Dewji
Full name Janmohamed Dewji
Full name Jaffer Dewji
Full name Nasser Dewji

According to Dr. Abdul Shariff, in the 1860's, Dewji Jamal, a rich Khoja merchant from Bombay, arrived in Zanzibar and established a business between Zanzibar, Lamu and Bombay. He built a large house in a short span of three years and appears to have made up his mind to stay.

By about 1870, Dewji Jamal established a branch of his company, Dewji Jamal & Co in Lamu which was then the chief port of Kenya.

In 1885, one of his sons, Nazerali Dewji, arrived in Lamu with his family from Zanzibar.

In 1887, Nazerali Dewji moved to Mombasa to establish a new branch of Dewji Jamal & Co.