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Issa Kassam Abji

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Kamadia Issa Kassam Abji

Place of birth Dodoma
Country of birth Tanzania

Place of longest stay Dodoma

Family tree click here
Full name Kassam Abji
Full name Hassam Kassam Abji
Full name Mohammedali Kassam Abji

"During the second World War, Late Issabhai came to Dodoma and stayed with the Family of Late Merali Lalji. After some time, he rented a house owned by Late Juma Shariff Adatia. He was then joined by his wife and brother Hassambhai. This house was next to our house, hence we became neighbours. They started a bakery at the back and a shop in the front. The bakery became very popular and the business flourished. Along with the shop, a restaurant was opened up. As a side line, business of transporting goods from the town to the railway station and back was also started."

"During 1944, according to my memory, Mukhi Kassam Abji returned to Dodoma with the Family which included Dadimaa, Mohammedalibhai and his Family, Roshanbai, Abdulbhai and Fatehalibhai. They lived in a house behind the bakery and our house. I remember Mukhi Kassam Abji coming to our shop to see my Father very often. The two always talked about the old days, had tea together and reminisced about the problems they faced as Mukhi and Kamadia"