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Remtulla Sakarwalla

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Remtulla Sakarwalla

Place of birth Mundra
Country of birth British India

Place of Death Mundra

Place of longest stay Mundra
Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life: Agriculture & Farming - Plantation
Where India
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Full name Fazal Remtulla Sakarwalla (click to create)

Remtulla Bhai inherited the family" vaari" farm in Mundra, Kutch. He grew fruits, millet, sorghum and kept milk-cows.

The farm had been passed down many generations although the oral family history was that the family had migrated to Kutch from Afghanistan.

But his family never sold milk. Remtulla Bhia's principle was that milk was a divine boon and should be freely shared with the poor. It was his "Dharam" or faith. They made "chyai" - a yogurt drink, which was sent daily to the laborers in and around Mundra.