Abdullah Hashim Gangji

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Count Abdullah Hashim Gangji
Abdallah Hassim Gangji.jpg
Place of birth Zanzibar
Country of birth Tanzania
Date of Birth 1906
Date of Death September 26, 1982
Place of longest stay Zanzibar
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Business
Where Zanzibar
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Born in 1906 Zanzibar

Abdullah did his early schooling in Zanzibar and subsequently went into business and was an prominent clove merchant.

He pioneered the jute interest of the community in Bangladesh.

He was appointed as a member of Zanzibar Legislative Council, Indian National Association, Muslim Association and Milad-e-Nabi Association. He was also the Director of the Jubilee Insurance Co. (1940-1947) and the Diamond Jubilee Trust Ltd. (1946-1950).