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Under German Imperial Rule

(October 1890) On the western shore of the lake, he (Emile Pasha) and Stuhlmann occupied themselves with the establishment of the station at Bukoba, until Langheld should arrive.[1]

German records indicate that there were at least four Khoja business firms in Bukoba by 1904.- Dharamsi Khatua, Alidina Visram, Dhalla Walji and Walji Wanji.(?)

References & Notes

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Personal Histories of Bukoba residents in Khojawiki (2024)

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Dhalla Walji

Hirji Jivan

Ebrahim Khalfan

Noormohamed Asser

Dharamsi Khatau

Gulamabbas Visram

Jivraj Asser

Fatmabai Asserwala

Husseinali Ahmed

Rehmat Halari

Laila Gulamabbas Fazal Moledina

Akbaraly Jiwan

Hassam Sunderji

Amirali Ibrahim

Fakirali Mohamed

Ismail Govindji

Gulamhusein Rahemat

Issabhai Mawji

Jamalbhai Shariff

Juma Khimji

Hassam Moti

Karim Valji Merani

Hassanali Hadimohamed Khalfan

Hassanali Valimohamed Damji

Husein Karim Merani

Gulamhusein Kassam Bhanji

Jiwa Rahemtulla Manji

Habib Rehmat Halari

Valimohamed Damji

Daulatkhanu Sadrudin H Shariff

Hadimohamed Khalfan

Jaffer Lalji

Valji Merani

Habib Khimji

Rahemtulla Manji

Mohamed Hirji Shariff

Hussein Rajabali Bhimani

Karim Merani

Gulshanbai Mohamed Hirji

Premji Babul

Rajabali Bhimani

Karim Jaffer Lalji

Hassanali Pirbhai Visram

Abdulali Hirji Shariff

Sheriff Jiwa

Abdullah Fazal Premji Murji

Aminabai Abdulrasul Ahmed Jaffer

Badrudin Ebrahim Shamji

Jenabai Ahmed Hasham Kheraj

Hassan Gulam

Ebrahim Shamji

Gulamabbas Bhimani

Mohamedraza Bhimani

Haji Musa Alana]

Dharamsi Khatau

Nurmohamed Jiwa Ukani

Mohamedrafiq Bhimani

Mohamedhussein G. Visram

Mohamed-Jaffer Habib Dewji Bhayani

Ladha Meghjee

Allidina Visram

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