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The rapid growth of Surat’s textile manufacturing sector in the eighteenth century resulted from precisely such a relocation of weavers and manufacturers from the unsettled areas of Gujarat. Similarly, the rise in the commercial fortunes of Bhavanagar and Porbandar in the late eighteenth century has been attributed to the migration of merchants and craftsmen to these regions (Das Gupta 2001). [1]

References & Notes

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Personal Histories of Families connected to Porbandar in Khojawiki (2024)

Rashida Gulamhussein Nathani

Ismail A. Jamal

Parvez Bahadur Nathani

Khimji Mulji Punjani

Hashim Premji

Kassam Rawji Mullani

Mulji Punjani

Mitha Alibhai Nanji

Rahmat Banu Ismail Jamal

Zarina Mohamed Khimji Punjani

Hasham Ramji Mullani

Ramji Ladha Mullani

Walji Velji

Maherali Ravji Sorathia

Mohamed Khimji Punjani

Amirali Kassam Premji

Akber Maherali Sorathia

Gulzar Shahbuddin Virjee

Yasmin Ajijbai Mithwani

Habib Mawji Nathani

Sadrudin Hasham Ramji

Rajabali Mohamed Punjani

Haiderali Djina Barday

Mawji Ramji Nathani

Amir Ramzan Adatia

Dilshad Amir Adatia

Ahmed Devji

Nanji Walji

Jenabai Haji Ismail

Hashim Bogha

Iqbal Gilani

Alibhai Nanji

Ismail Dhanani

Hussein Alibhai Hasham Mullani

Karmali Bhanji


Pirbhai Haji Ismail