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The Germans had earlier started to build a railway line from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma.[1]

Initially, there were more Ismaili dukas in Kilimatinde. See Old Map below.[2] a distance of about 60 miles from Dodoma. At that time, there were only five or six small shops in Dodoma. The railway line was nearing Dodoma (around 1910) and a large labour force was employed in building the railway line. Business started to improve in Dodoma and most of the Ismailis in Kilimatinde then moved to Dodoma, and opened up small dukas.

The First World War started in the year 1914 and ended in 1918. There was no Jamatkhana at that time. When it was convenient, the Ismailis met in somebody’s house for prayers. On other days, they prayed where they lived.

In 1921, the first Jamatkhana was built. The first Mukhi was Late Nasser Damji with Late Rajpar Ladak as his Kamadia.

Under Swahili & Zanzibari Rule

Under German Colonial Rule

British Colonial Dominance

References & Notes
  1. 1906-The Central Line starts at the Tanzanian metropolis of Dar es Salaam at the Indian Ocean with today's capital of Tanzania, Dodoma, in the center of the country and proceeds further to Tanzania’s most important port at the shore of Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma. It crosses central Tanzania completely with a length of 1,254 kilometers (779 mi) and overcomes the height of the east edge East African rift valley. The main stations on this line are: Dar es Salaam, Ruvu, Morogoro, Kilosa, Dodoma, Manyoni, Tabora and Kaliua.
  2. Kilimatinde was an important stop on the old caravan route to Tabora and Lake Tanganyika. Hence the presence of Khoja traders here and along the entire caravan route.
  3. The scene of Africans drawing ground maps to the profound surprise of Europeans is a recurring theme of the exploration literature. The German geographer Karl Weule was “overwhelmed” by the number of maps members of his caravan produced during a six-month research expedition through German East Africa in 1906. Between marches, he supplied his carriers with paper and pencils to see what they would draw. This is the map made by a Mambwe man named Sabatele, originally from the southern shore of Lake Tanganyika near the present Tanzania-Zambia border. The map, which traces caravan routes across Tanzania, was made in Lindi at the very beginning of Weule’s expedition. Weule notes that Sabatele’s map was oriented with south at the top, but he turned it around 180 degrees “in order to bring it into agreement with our maps.”

The following persons are found in the Khojawiki records as connected to Dodoma. You can read their personal history by clicking on the names

Aly Remtualla

Nurdin Aly Remtualla

Abdulla J Bhojani

Fazal Alarkhia

Hassanali. Abdulla

Sadrudin K. L. Khakoo

Karim A.B Gangji

Mohamed J. Bhojani

Shamshudin A. Haji

Alkarim K. Salemohamed

Manji Hirji

Sadrudin J. Ladak

Iqbal N.M. Bhanji

Nurdin A. Rhemtulla

Amirali M. J. Bhojani

Ladha. Ladak

Minaz P. Kara

Gulamali K. Shivji

Abdulmalik M. J. Bhojani

Ahmed Rhemtulla

Shamshudin R. Ladak

Rajabali H. Rhemtulla

Rajabali Visram

Abdulmalek A.J. Bhojani

Ramzanali D. Walji


Gulamali F. N Bhaloo

Sadrudin F. J. Lakdhir

Abdulla K. Damji

Gulamali A. K. Damji

Amirali F. Kanji

Mussa M. Abji

Noorali H. Sunderji

Amirali F. Alidina

Hassanali R. Ladak

Abdulrasul H. Abdulla

Juma Shariff Adatia

Moledina Janmohamed

Abdulla Kachra

Al-Karim Sadrudin Lakdhir

Gulamali Abdullah Damji

Nasser Damji

Abdulsultan Gulamhussein Alibhai

Jaffer Ladak

Habib Sunderji Shariff

Shariff Jamal

Rajpar Ladak

Fatehali Nasser Damji

Kassam Abji

Merali Lalji

Hassanali Abdullah

Aziz Rashid Thawer

Abdulsultan Pardhan

Fazal Janmohamed

Daud Suleman

Kamrudin Salehmohamed

Alimohamed Kanji

Firoz Gulamali Salehmohamed

Husein Karmali Rattansi

Fatma Manji Haji

Gulamhusein Premji Gova

J Bhojani

Fatmabai Abdulrasul Kassam

Gulamhusein Visram Shivji

Fatmabai Alli Remtulla

Gulbanu Kassamali Karachiwala

Ahmed Gulamhusein Ratansi

Gulbanu Rajabali Kassamali

Hassanali Kanji Ruda

Jenabai Suleman Mohamed

Gulshakar Gulamhusein Alibhai

Ajbai Meghji Merali

Ali Jivraj Murji

Hassanali Salehmohamed

Husein Abdulla Kachra

Alimohamed Merali P Dossa

Karmali Rattansi

Husein Mohamed Fazal Sakarwala

Damji Walji

Amirali Ahmed Gulamhusein Virji

Rajabali Kassamali

Premji Gova

Alli Remtulla

Moloo Bhanji

Abdulrasul Kassam

Jivraj Murji

Gulamhusein Ratansi

Gulshan Damji Walji

Dolatkhanu Badrudin H Somani

Gulshan Habib Samji Somani

Visram Shivji

Gulshan Habib Sunderji

Meghji Merali

Gulamhusein Adatia

Hussein Walji Gangji Nayani

Abdulaziz Ali Ladak

Abdul Fazal Nasser

Abdullah Damji

Issa Kassam Abji

Ramzanali Shariff Jamal

Walji Gangji Nayani

Safdarhusain Jalali

Noorali Issa Muhamed Awadia

Fazal Nasser Bhaloo

Ahmed Gulamhusein Virji

Merali P Dossa

Habib Shamji Somani

Gulamhusein Ladha Bhaloo

Amirali Ladha Bhaloo

Hassanali Datardina Mawani

Badrudin Hassanali Bandali

Gulamali Nasser Damji

Jenabai Ismail Janmohamed

Kassam Hamir

Fatehali Karim K Bhaloo

Fatehali Kassam Damji

Karim Kassam Bhaloo

Ali Ladak

Kassam R Kassamali

Haiderally Ladha Ladak

Karim Abdul Popat Kanji

Abdulmohamed Jaffer Ladak

Sadrudin Hassanali Kanji

Sadrudin Hassanali Manji Dhanji

Fatehali Moloo Bhanji

Hassanali Alli Karmali

Fatehali Kassam Visram

Badrudin Habib Samji

Jenabai Lalji Gangji

Hassanali Kassam Visram

Sikina Hirji Dinani

Gulbanu Manji

Abdul Abji

Hassanali Manji Dhanji

Hassanali Rajpar Ladak

Aziz Shariff Jamal

Nurbanu Dharamsi Rawji

P Dossa

Hassanali Shariff Jamal

Sadruddin Shariff Jamal

Alli Karmali Bhaloo

Kassamali Pirbhai Ebrahim

Mohamed Fazal Sakarwala

Mohamed Janmohamed

Rehmat Bai Ratansi

Gulamhussein Rajpar Ladak

Nazir Virji

Ladha Kassam Somji

Karim Abdulla Mamdani

Mongibai Jaffer Rahim

Zerakhanu Rajabali Fazal Alidina

Roshan Kamrudin Rahemtulla

Jina Madhavji

Allidina Visram