Khoja Wiki:About

From Khoja Wiki is a community oral history project, to record the personal stories of individual members of the socio-ethnic group known as "the Khojas of Western India".

It is a not-for-profit collaborative effort - a systematic collection of living people's stories about their own experiences and their recollection of the stories of their parents and other ancestors, in their own words, using web technologies as tools. codifies the personal stories, creates cross-references and places them within accurate historical context, through the use of autonomous links and informative, user-contributed and update-able essays and background papers. For the users, it creates printable and accurate "Family Trees".

In this project, computer-literate users are able to freely create their own family history pages on and also to upload photographs, documents, as well audio/video files. The information can only be edited by the original user.

For others, such as older persons etc., our volunteer community journalists act as interviewers to help them recalls dates,events etc. which are then up-loaded by them. Others volunteers write and edit essays, research personal histories, if requested and also help monitor the site. All essays can be freely edited by any registered user but are only published after peer review.

The entire collection is freely available at for the use of the families, their future generations as well as the general public, including scholars of history.

It should be noted that this oral history project is not endorsed, supported nor affiliated with any religious entity or institution.