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We strongly believe, as many of you also do that the remarkable 700-year entrepreneurial migratory history of the Khojas should not be allowed to be lost just because our elders are passing away. Our response is – a not-for-profit collaborative effort to systematically record living peoples' own experiences and their recollection of the stories of their parents and other ancestors in their own words using the reach of the Internet.

The Khoja Diaspora

The Khojas are recognized and written upon by historians and other scholars, as a distinct socio-cultural group with their own written script-Khojki, with a tradition of preserving spoken and written Kutchi and Gujarati, of preserving their own literature, poetry/song and dance as well as proudly retaining, over centuries, a unique personal naming tradition that recognizes their syncretic Subcontinental identity. They have had a long history of mercantilism and migration – progressing from peasant-farmers to petty traders in Multan and Sind in the 14th & 15th centuries and after migrating with their ruler's conquest of Kutch and Kathiawar in the late 1600s, as artisans and vendors and still later as itinerant traders, transcontinental merchants and industrialists into the rest of India, Asia, and Africa under British imperial domain. That in turn, has to lead to an on-going diaspora to the West where they thrive as businesspersons and professionals.

This long history is made up of thousands of very rich personal stories of courage, sacrifice, strongly-held family values and a fine tradition of public service or "sewa". And these stories - of each person and family and the collective peoples history – is a treasure not only for future generations of that family but also for the general society.

Due to multiple migrations, the traditional way of passing down ancestral information, from parent to child, has been lost and unfortunately, our collective memory stands broken. As more of our elders pass away, they take with them important links to our complex identity - the very answers that our children and friends demand – who are we and how did we get here. (We say we have vepar business in our blood-how did that happen?) and we all know that feeling – that time is taking away something that is being lost forever.

Recently a well-known Dutch historian Gijsbert G. Oonk, in explaining how his professor persuaded him to write about Indians in East Africa said "He encouraged me to write a history from below or, more specifically, a history of people without history."

These unintended but gravely offensive words have spurred us onto this mission.

Iqbal I. Dewji, Editor.

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It is Monday, August 2, 2021 and currently has over 350 personal histories and 27,611 names on our community tree. See full list here

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Volunteers & Supporters

We Wish to Honour Some of Our Dedicated Volunteers & Supporters Every Week.

1. Farida Giga for being a Khojawiki Centre volunteer for the last 15 months;

2. Shamshtabrez Dhirani of Edmonton for his help in circulating our emails;

3. Naren Valabh Kanji VARAMBHIA of London, UK for his generous help with Gujarati;

4. Zakir Kassam of Mississauga for his help in entering family trees;

5. Mohammed Rahimtoola of Karachi for his continued support;

6. Ali Amlani of Toronto for putting his photographic skills to our use for our events;

7. Zeenat Shariff of Toronto for her effort as a coordinator;

8. Dr. Hasnain Walji of MARC for his encouragement;

9. Dr. Alnoor Abdulla of Vancouver for his hospitality & words of encouragement;

10. Mohamed Mullani of Toronto with his donations of office equipment & generous support;

Our Volunteers Need Your Encouragement

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SOME RECENT PROFILES- Click names for their stories:

Mohamedali Rahemtulla.png
Mohamedali Rahemtulla
"Mbale Pioneer"
Mohamed Hamir Iringa.jpg
Mohamed Hamir
"Iringa JK builder"
Bud Sayany on Fathers day.png
Badrudin Karmali Sayany
"Barrister Sayani"
Hasham Jamal.jpg
Hasham Jamal Pradhan
Bwana Mzuri-Kisumu Pioneer
Abdul Aziz main page.png
Abdul Aziz
"Sri Lanka's conscience"
Mehdi Bawa Photo.png
Mehdi Bawa
"his story, told his way."
Mehboob Jessani Raju Jinny of Jamnagar.png
Mehboob Madhavjee Jessani
"....and that, too, is life."
Mohamed Sumar Graduation 1972.png
Mohamed H. Ahamed Sumar
"The Sumars of Lindi"
Firoze Madatally Manji
Dhanji B.png
Dhanji Jadavji Bhatia
East African Entrepreneur
Husseinali N Jiwa, Deputy Mayor Masaka.png
Husseinali Nurmohamed Jiwa
Deputy Mayor, Masaka, Uganda
Gualamali Jiwa Madhavji.jpg
Gulamali JIna Madhavji
Tanga Dukawalla
Rahimtullah Muhammad Sayani.png
Rahimtullah Muhammad Sayani
"Prominent Bombay Citizen"
Mohamed Manek1.png
Mohamed Manek
Uganda Transporter
Hussien Bhai Alibhai Mullani.png
Hussein Alibhai Hasham Mullani
Farmer to Professional Civil Servant
Allidina Visram
Uncrowned King of Uganda
Lalji Kara Abhwani.png
Lalji Kara Samji Abhwani
Village Mukhi-Kathiawar
Aziz Hashim2.jpg
Aziz Hashim
New World-New Business Successes
Abdulrasul Kassim-Lakha.jpg
Abdulrasul Alibhai Kassim-Lakha
Exceptional Civic Service
Peera Dewjee Photo.png
Peera Dewjee
The Sultan's Spymaster
Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola.jpg
Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola
Pakistan Freedom Fighter
Social Scholar,Author
Hassanali Nanji Balolia.png
Hassanali Nanji Balolia
a life lived well
Karamali Dahya Walji
Road Tragedy Victim!
Rahemtulla Walji Virji
100 years young!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown.jpg
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
a fierce fighter against racism and discrimination
Gulamhussein Hirji1.jpg
Gulamhusein Moloo Hirji
An intrepid dukawalla in a small Tanzanian town
Abdallah Ratansi.png
Abdullah Ratansi
Magistrate,German East Africa
Alnoor Hassanali Karim Abdulla
Exceptional Cardiologist
Amir Jamal.JPG
Amir Habib Jamal
Dedicated Minister,Tanzania
Alyque Padamhsee.jpg
Alyque Padamsee
Creator of English Theater/Advertising, Mumbai
Bahadur Madhani.jpg
Bahadur Madhani
Face of Volunteerism in Canada
Zainub Verjee
Cultural Administrator
Faisal Devji
International Scholar
Issa G. Shivji.jpg
Issa Gulamhussein Shivji
Africa's Towering Intellectual
Tharia topan-2 - small1.jpg
Tharia Topan
Zanzibar's Business Pioneer
Azim Muhammed Hashim Premji
Czar of Indian IT Industry
Hussien jaffer Bhimji Colombowalla Iqbal maternal grandfather.jpg
Hussein Jaffer Bhimji Colombowalla
Entrepnuerial Merchant
Ibrahim Ladha Zbar1.jpg
Ibrahim Ladha
Zanzibar Leader]]
Murad Velshi.jpg
Murad Rajabali Velshi
Ontario Pioneer
Sewa Haji Paroo
Educator & Philanthropist
01604 p 13afv3u6yr1605.jpg
Maherali Gokal Versi
Bwana Versi of Newala
Mohammed dewji 2013-12-09 16-15.png
Mohammed Gulam Dewji
The new Merchant Prince of Africa'
[[File:Amir Bhatia.jpg|Amirali Bhatia
British Lord
Habib Adat Dewji.jpg
Habib Adat Dewji
Fighter for Indian Rights,Tanganyika
Kanji Jetha.jpg
Kanji Jetha Lala
Humble Beginnings
Madatally Manji.jpg
Madatally Manji
Africa's Biscuit Baron
U Kan Gyi.jpg
U Kan Gyi
Burmese Tycoon
Abdulrasul Alidina Visram.jpg
Abdulrasul Allidina Visram
Mombasa Philanthropist'
Naushad Noorali Merali
Kenya Industrialist'
[[File:Mamand Nanji IMG 5507.JPGMohamed Nathoo Nathani


Sir Currimbhoy Ibrahim, 1st Baronet

The First and Only Khoja Hereditary British Lord

Currimbhoy Photo 2.png

Among those who contributed to India's present position as a formidable industrial power were the business titans of the nineteenth century, who despite the constraints of British colonial rule, managed to create huge commercial and industrial conglomerates that outdid those of their masters.

These days, we are familiar with the Tatas and Birlas but it was the early textile magnets with their 136 mills between 1856 and 1900, who gave India its export economy. There were at least seven Khoja mill owners among them, of whom the most successful entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist was Sir Currimbhoy Ebrahim, who went on to be made the first and only Khoja Baron (Lord) from India, (the only other being Lord Amir Bhatia of Hampton) with a grant of lands recognized by the British Crown and a hereditary title that has remained in his family since.. Read more

Earliest Portuguese Historical Reference To Khoja Merchants = 1543 AD

Check it out here!!! Khoja Shams-ud-din Gillani


Each is unique and most contain fascinating stories of migration and settlement of our ancestors. Click on the name to read the page.

1. Abdallah Ratansi

2. Abdul Aziz

3. Abdulali Esmail Somji

4. Abdulhussein Peera Dewjee

5. ‎ Abdulla Jetha

6. ‎ Abdulla Pirmohamed

7. Abdulla Shariff Kanji

8. Abdullah Hashim Gangji

9. Abdullah Ibrahim Rahimtoola

10. Abdullah Jaffer Lakhpati

11. Abdulrub Peera Dewjee

12. Abdulrasul Alibhai Kassim-Lakha

13. Alibhai Hasham Jeraj

14. Alibhai Nanji

15. Abdulrasul Allidina Visram

16. Abualy Alibhai Aziz

17. Abdulrasul Fazal Moloo

18. Alimohamed Chunara

19. Ali Visram

20. Adam Adu

21. Adam Akberali

22. AG Abdulhussein

23. Ahmed Devji

24. Ahmed Ibrahim Rahimtoola

25. Ahmedali Nizari

26. Akberali Merali Jiwa

27. Akber Maherali Sorathia

28. Akberbhai Makhani

29. Akberali Fazal Ismail

30. Akberali Merali Jiwa

31. Al Noor Kassum

32. Alarakhia Dossani

33. Alarakhia Kheraj

34. Alibhai Lalji Kara Abhwani

35. Alibhai Gulamhusein Jiwani

36. Alibhai Hasham Rawji

37. Alibhai Thawer

38. Alidina Asani

39. Alidina Kanji Ramji

40. Alladina Giga Patney

41 Alimohomed Jessa Bhaloo

42. Ali Sachoo

43. Amil Issa Shivji

44 Alidina Kanji Ramji

45. Allidina Visram

46. Allu Visram[

47. Alnashir Hasham

48. Alnoor Hassanali Karim Abdulla

49. Alyque Padamsee

50. Ameerali R Jumabhoy

51. Amersi Manji Lakhani

52. Amil Issa Shivji

53. Amin Kassam

54. Aminbhai Nazerali Abhwani

55. Amirali Karmali Mukwano

56. Amir Habib Jamal

57. Amir Husein Kheraj

58. Amirali Bhatia

59. Anverali Aziz Charania

60. Arif Virani

61. Assa Danidina

62. Azim Premji

63. Aziz Charania

64. Aziz Hashim

65. Aziz Tejpar

66. Aziz Khaki

67. Bud Sayany

68. Badru G. Moosa

69. Badrudin Hassam Satchu

70. Badrudin P.V. Rajani

71. Ben Kingsley

72. Bhanji Jiwa

73. Bhimji Hamir

74. Cassum J. Rahimtoola

75. Currimbhoy Ebrahim

76. Datardina Wandani

77. Datoo Meru

78. Dahya Punja

79. Dhanji Jadavji Bhatia

80. Dolly Bhanji

81. Dewji Jamal

82. Dewjee Parpia

83. Dhalla Walji

84. Dharamsi Khatau

85. Dharamshi Hasham

86. Dolatkhanu Alibhai Jiwani

87. Dossa Thawer

88. Eboo Pirbhai

89. Ebrahim HAJI

90. Ebrahim Jamal Pradhan

91. Ebrahim Pabaney

92. Esmail Jetha

93. Faisal Devji

94. Fakirmohamed Gaidher

95. Fatma Peera Dewjee

96. Fatmabai Kassamali Bhatia

97. Fazal Ibrahim Rahimtoola

98. Fazal Khamis Valli Nathu

99. Fazal Master

100. Fazalbhoy Currimbhoy Ebrahim

101. Firoz Goa

102. Firoz Shroff

103. Firoze Madatally Manji

104. Gulamali Jina Madhavji

105. Gulamhussein Bhaloo Kurji

106. Gulamhusein Khamis Valli

107. Gulamhusein Moloo Hirji

108. Gulamhusein Rajpar Ladak

109. Gulamhussein Abdulrasul Dhalla

110. Gulamhussein Dedhar

111. Gulamhussein Moledina Bhimani

112. Gulamhussein Mohamed Meghji

113. Gulamhussein Remtulla

114. GhulamHussain M. Dharas

115. GhulamHussain M. Jindani

116. Gulsaker Dewji

117. Gulu Ramji

118. Habib Adat Dewji

119. Habib Ibrahim Rahimtoola

120. Habib R.Lalani

121. Habib Mawji Nathani

122. Haider Hasham

123 Haider Pirbhai Jetha

124. Haji Dada

125. Haji Ladak

126. Haji Musa Alana

127. Haji Dharamsi Khatau

128. Hasanaly Currimbhoy Ibrahim

129. Hasham Jamal Pradhan

130. Hasham Jessa

131. Hashum J. Rahimtoola

132. Hassan Bhanji Jiwa

133. Hassan Kassim Lakha

134. Hassanali Abdulla Chagpar

135. Hassanali Gulamhusein Khaki

126. Hassanali Juma

137. Hassanali Moloo Alarkhia

138. Hassanali Nanji Balolia

139. Hassanali Nanji Giga

140. Hassanali Nasser Thaver

140A Hassanali Nasser Welji

141. Hassanali Walji Kanji

142. Hoosenaly Rahimtoola

143. Husein Alarakhia Kheraj

144. Husein Mohamedally Nazarally

145. Hussein Alibhai Mullani

146. Hussein Jaffer Bhimji Colombowalla

147. Hussein Walji Nayani

148. Ibrahim Ladha

149. Ibrahim Lila

150. Ibrahim Hasham

151. Ibrahim Meru

152. Ibrahim Nathoo

153. Iqbal Gilani

154. Ismail Bhallo

155. Ismail Gangji

156. Ismail H Ebrahim

157. Ismail Jaffer Somji

158. Ismail Kassmani

159. Issa Gulamhussein Shivji

160. Ibrahim Suleman Haji

161. Ismail Mohamed Dewji

162. Ismail Rahimtulla Walji Hirji

163. Ismail Ranmal

164. Issa Gulamhussein Shivji

165. Issa Kassam Abji

166. Jadavji Walji Bhatia

167. Jaffar Ahmed Nizari

168. Jaffer Bhimji

169. Jaffer Daya

170. Jafferbhoy Gangji

171. ‎Jaffer Padamsee

172. Jaffer Rahimtoola

173. Jaffer Somji

174. Jaffer Thawer

175. Jaffer Remtalla

176. Jafferali Ali Meghji

177. Jafferali Dhanji Suleman

178. Jamal Bhanji Jiwa

179. Jamal Pradhan- Kisumu

180. Janmohammed Bhanji Jiwa

181. Janmohamed Hansraj

182. Jeraj Shariff

183. Jina Madhavji

184. Jiwan Lalji Velji

185. Jivraj Khatau

186. John Shamsudin Karmali

187. Juma Lalji Ladha

188. Juma Haji

189. Juma Bhagat Ismail

190. Kabir Jivraj

191. Kabir Merali Jiwa

192. Kaderbhoy Adam

193. Kamrudin Hasham Jessa

194. Kamrudin Jeraj Shariff

195. Kanji Jetha Lala

196. Kara Ruda

197. Kara Samji Abhwani

198. Karamali Dahya Walji

199A Karim F. Hirji

199. Karim Jamal

200. Karim Moledina Pirani

201. Kassam Abji

202. Kassam Dewji

203. Kassam Haji

204. Kassam Rawji Mullani

305. Kassamali Hirji Jessani

206. Kassamali Paroo

207. Khaki Shivji Karachiwalla

208. Khamisa Devraj

209. Khoja Shams-ud-din Gillani

210. Kulsum Abdulrasul Wazir

211. Kulsumbai Abdulla Hasham

212. Kurban Dewji of Kurban & Party

213. Labai Vellani

214. Ladha Mawji

215. Lalji Kara Abhwani|

216. Lalji Ladha

217. Lalji Ladha Sumar

218. Laljibhai Devraj

219. Madatali Rehmtulla Nanji

220. Madatally Manji

221. Madhavjee Jessani

222. Maherali Gokal Versi

223. Maheroon Mawji

224. Maqbool Habib Rahimtoola

225. Mamda Kassam

226. Manbai Rahimtoola

227. Mansoor Ladha

228. Manji Ghulamhussian Padamsee

229. Mehboob Dewji

230. Mehboob Madhavjee Jessani

231. Mehdi Bawa

232. Mehboob Madhavjee Jessani

233. Mithibai Habib Dewji

234. Mohamed H. Ahamed Sumar

235. Mohamed Dewji Bhagat

236. Mohamed Hamir

237. MohamedJaffer R. Hansraj

238. Mohamed Khalfan

239. Mohamed Manek

240. Mohamed Suleman Zanzibar

241. Mohamedali Pirbhai

241A Mohamedali_Rahemtulla

242. Mohamedally Nazarally

243. Mohamedally Rattansi

244. Mohamed-Jaffer Habib Bhayani

245. Mohamed Nanji Nathani

246. Mohamedali Suleman Meghji

247. Mohammad Rahimtoola

248. Mohammed Gulam Dewji

249. Mohamedali Natha Hirji

250. MohamedHussein Karim Gaidher

251. Muhammad Husayn Tharia Topan

252 Moloobhai Alarakhia Dossani

253. Muhammad (Mohomedali) Jinnah

254. Muhammad Muradali Juma

255. Muhammed Hashim Premji

256. Mumtaz Akberali

257. Murad Rajabali Velshi

258. Murabbi Shariff Jiwa Surti

259. Mussa Jetha

260. Mussabhai Ismat

261. Musa Mzuri Kanji

262. Naaz Bandali

263. Nadiya Mohemedali Mandani

264. Naheed Nenshi

265. Najarali Mohmedali Pattni

266. Najmudin Kassam Dewji

267. Nargis Dhanji Bhatia

268. Nargis Ali Ashgar Hamadanee

269. Nasser Noormohamed

270. Nasser Lila

271. Nasser Virji

272. Natha Hirji

273. Naushad Noorali Merali

274. Nazerali Dewji

275. Nazerali Lalji Abhwani

276. Nazaralli Remtulla

277. Nensi Parpia

278. Nizar (Nizoo) Ismail Munjee

279. Noor Nagji

280. Nooruddin Mohammed Rahimtoola

281. Nurbanu Gulamhussein Moledina

282. Nurdin Merali Jiwa

283. Nurmohamed Jeraj Shariff

284. Padamsee Viru

285. Parvez Vira

286. Peera Dewjee

287. Pira Khimji

288. P Dossa

289. Rahemtulla Walji Virji

290. Rahim Ajmudin Samnani

291. Rahimtoola Kaderbhoy

292. Rahimtulla Walji Hirji

293. Rajabali Meghji Visram

295. Rajabali Jumabhoy

296. Rajabali Hasham Paroo

297. Mukhi Rajan Nanji

298. Mukhi Rajan Nanji

299. Ramji Ladha Mullani

300. Ramzan Hasham Jamal

301. Ramzanali Shariff Jamal

302. Rashid Adat Dewji

303. Rashid Kassam Nanji

304. Ratansi Alwani

305. Razia Gulmohamad

306. Razia Nathani Suleman

307. Rehmat Bai Ratansi

307A Remti Hassanali Nasser Welji

308. Rishad Azim Premji

309. Rosy Kassam

310. Rozina Visram

311. Sachedina Peermohammed Mawji

312. Sadru Kassam

313. Sadrudin Hasham Ramji

314. Sadrudin Rajabali Meghji

315. Safder Shariff Alladina

316. Sakar Kassamali Jessani

317. Saleem Kassum

318. Salim Bhanji

319. Samji Kanji Asani

320. Saukat Dhanani

321. Sewa Haji Paroo

322. Shamshu Alidina

323. Shamshu Bhanji Jiwa

324. Shariff Jiwa Surti

325. Sherali Bandali Jaffer

326. Sherali Thaver

327. Sherali Jaffer Bhimani

328. Sherbanu G.Jina Madhavji

329. Shiraz Sumar

330. Sir Ibrahim Rahimtoola

331. Somji Chaggan

332. Somji Khakhuani Mawji Bhimani

333. Sugra Allidina Visram

334. Suleman J. Rahimtoola

335. Suleman Versi

336. Sultan Habib Kassam Dewji

337. Sultan Kamrudin Jessa

338. Sir Tharia Topan

339. U Kan Gyi

340. Valabhai M Nazarali

341. Walji Kanji

342. Yasmeen Azim Premji

343. Yusuf A. Karim

344. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

345. Yasmin Ajijbai Mithwani

346. Yasmin Ratansi

347. Zehra Jaffer Gulamali

348. Zainub Verjee

349. Zarina Mohamed Khimji Punjani

350. Zerakhanu Dhanji Bhatia

351. Zerakhanu R.F.Alidina

352. Zubeida Sultan Chinoy

353. Zulfikar Amirali H.Juma


The Quedagh Merchant

17th Century ships built by Indians in Surat"

Quedagh Merchant vessel.jpg

A wealthy Khoja merchant from Surat, whose ship, the "Quedagh Merchant" was captured by Captain William Kidd, the notorious British pirate and for which Capt. Kidd was hanged 300 years ago!Read More



During a recent visit to the German National Archives in Koblenz, we discovered some recently digitized records from Tanzania - a couple of very detailed German Colonial Handbooks dated 1903-1904-and 1908.

From those, our volunteers have painstakingly extracted all recorded Khoja family names & details and added them on to the Khojawiki website database.

This is a valuable find- thousands of Khojas from Tanzania can now find confirmation of their family oral history...of their great-grandparents and trace them to various towns and villages of their first settlement, including the Dukas and other businesses they established. We have names and business details from centers like Morogoro, Kilosa, Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Pangani, etc. and also from small “bush” settlements like Magalla, etc.

All the towns and names are listed underneath and the detailed information for each ancestor is up-loaded on the Khojawiki database. Please check your family name on the general search engine above to see if your ancestor has been recorded.

Once again, we at Khojawiki are very proud of our volunteers who are trying to preserve our family heritage so our grandchildren can know their real past.



Mr. Iqbal I. Dewji, Director of the Khoja Oral Family History Documentation Project was invited to speak to a conference at Mumbai University that included, amongst many other scholars, the Directors of the two very prestigious academic institutions engaged in Khoja Studies-The School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) of the University of Paris and the School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London.

Mr. Dewji's presentation was on the subject of "Crowd-sourcing and Wiki initiatives in history preservation."

We are pleased to provide a video of his talk:


A constant complaint in the West is that children do not understand grandparents when they speak Kutchi language. Valuable opportunities for transmitting knowledge, history or just family interaction are lost.

Whilst it may be hard to learn a whole new language, Alykhan Kaba has a solution - a web-based translator app that will help you with over several thousand words. It's free and run by a not-for-profit organization. is an open website where you can translate almost all words that we commonly encounter in Kutchi. It provides English to Kutchi and reverse.

Try it. Surprise Nanimaa. It will be fun and it will heartwarming.

Iqbal I.Dewji Director,

"DIASPORIC DISTRACTIONS" LAUNCHED IN NORTH AMERICA" was the venue for the launch in Canada of a new book on short stories “Diasporic Distractions” marking the Indian diaspora in Africa with a particular focus on the end of the colonial era.

The book was launched by Iqbal I. Dewji, Director of at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto on Sunday 6th May 2018.


Sadly, we wish to let you know that the Khojawiki Drop-In Centre was closed due to the Pandemic athough we continue to receive mail. Please send your written materials at the following address

Our complete contact:

KHOJAWIKI, 6 Garamond Court, Suite 240, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, M3C 1Z5



In Canada, high school students must volunteer 40 hours to the community service and as a registered charity, we are qualified to provide the necessary certification. Please contact us if you can get a student in your family to build your family tree and at the same time qualify for these hours. This way, they would likely never forget their ancestral lineage!Contact


Volunteer for this project: Contact Us Here