How to Enter a Name and other Instructions

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 For spam reasons, we have suspended the self-creation of new users: please email us here: to create an account for you to enter your family information. 

To add a new name or add new information, you must either register as a New User or use an existing User account.


1. On the right top corner, click "Create an account."

2. To "Prove that you are human" click the start button and follow instructions on the screen.

3. When it says "Game Complete", enter a user name.

4. It can be your own name or any other name if you are going to share the account with family members to also add other information directly, then choose a common family name eg DEWJIFAMILY

5. Invent a unique but easily remembered password and create the account.

6. You will be taken to the main Khojawiki page again and you will see your user name on the right-hand corner.

7. Now you can enter a family member in the box highlighted in red on the right.


1. Please log at the right hand corner, using user name and password.

2. You will be taken to a page showing all family name entries made under that unique name and password.

3. You can click any highlighted name to add more information etc.or return to main page to enter a new name in the highlighted box.

4. Follow the steps to enter a new name.


1. Type a name (usually the complete name commonly used by that person) in the box on the main page and press "add a new person here"

2. On the "General" page, please fill the form with as much information as you have. You or other family members can add more later.

3. If you have a photo of that person on your computer, you can follow the instructions to upload it here. Or please scan a nice photo onto your computer and add it- that all can remember forever. Size does not matter as the system will automatically re-size and fit it on the page. It will appear nicely on the front page of that persons page.

4. "Relatives" page-Immediate relatives names and their relationships can be picked up from the drop-down list. Add as many as there are. You will also have "click to create" pages for these relatives later when the current page is complete.

5. "Photos and Documents" page: You can also add other family photos or any other interesting document such as appointments letters etc. that you wish to share from your computer or scan them for sharing.

6. "Narrative" page - This is where you start a history of that person. It can be brief or extended-it can always be added by you or by other family and friends later.

7. Don't forget to save the page!!

8. If you do not wish to allow the public to add information on this page, you can click the "star" at the top and then choose protection to create the level of protection. Suggestion: Protect pages of living persons, leave open for those who have passed on, so that other people can share their memory of that person. The pages will be monitored.

8. Now go to each of the relatives you have added and "click to create file" and then complete their details.

9. Make sure to "connect" these relatives between each other.

10. You can view the family tree for any person to check if the connections have been made.


1. Wiki rules do not allow a deletion. But you can "move" your page to another with the correct name.

2. On the top panel, near the star, you will see a button for arrow down.

3. Here you will find the button for "move"

4. This will take you to a page where you can provide the new name and the whole page will be "moved" to this new name.