Adam Akberali

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Adam Akberali
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Town of birth
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Date of Birth
  • 1947/11/14
Date of Death
  • 2015/05/28
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Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Cricketer
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Born in 1947 Dar es Salaam

Adam Akberali (November 14th 1947 – May 28th 2015) was a Tanzanian cricket player. Born in Dar-es-salaam during the British rule, Adam grew up playing and excelling at a variety of sports. He developed a particular fondness for darts, and won a number of tournaments at both local and national level.

However, Adam's true love was always cricket. From humble beginnings, playing the game with his friends in the narrow alleyways when he was but a child, Adam evolved into a quintessential cricketer by the time he entered adulthood.

Adam's cricketing career lasted for a long period stretching from 1961 to 1987. He was an elegant and stylish cricketer, a classic back footed batsman who represented the National side many a times. Adam recorded many memorable knocks. His superb century in 1964 against Agakhan School after his side Young Challengers was trailing at 15 for 5 still gets talked about.

Adam hit another century against YMCA in 1979. In 1975 playing for Tanzania against Zambia in the Quadrangular at Kampala he won the best batsman award. Incidentally he also held 5 catches in that match. In 1978 he captained Burhani Stars and won the inaugural KJ Cup.

Adam later developed into a fast bowler opening the attack for Burhani. As a bowler he shall always be remembered for his fiery bouncers. Once he bowled out the formidable Union Sports Club for mere 101 runs and provided Burhani with a convincing win.

Despite retiring from the game in the late 80s, Adam's passion for the game remained. He was a voracious collector of cricket memorabilia and merchandise including magazines and VHS cassettes. He had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of every major cricket game played, and would often chat with his friends about them.

Sadly, Adam passed away in 2015 but his memories live on in the hearts and minds of his family and friends.

Some photos of Adam from his early days of playing cricket, darts and hanging out with friends are available here: