Alibhai Hasham Jeraj

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Mukhi Alibhai Hasham Jeraj
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The Hasham Jeraj brothers Kassamali and Alibhai migrated to Zanzibar from Kutch in the early 1890s to set up a successful retail business. The business grew and a decision was made to open a Tanga Branch with Alibhai Hasham Jeraj moving to Tanga to manage the business.

When the first Tanga Council was established by Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah, Alibhai Hasham Jeraj was appointed the First President. He initiated the construction of the old Tanga Jamatkhana.

According to the community oral records, Alibhai Hasham Jeraj was Mukhi (Chief) of the Tanga Khoja Ismaili Jamat between 1919-1920.

Muradali Hasham Jeraj was born in the Kassamali Hasham Jeraj household in Zanzibar in 1911. Upon his birth, his father Kassamali Hasham Jeraj who had 5 sons and 6 daughters, fulfilled a promise he had made to his brother Alibhai Hasham Jeraj. Alibhai had a daughter but no sons, so he adopted Muradali. That is why his name was Muradali Alibhai Hasham Jeraj.

Muradali married Dolatkhanu, daughter of Valli Jamal from Mombasa. They had 5 children, Roshan, Gulzar, Amir, Khatun and Alikhan.

The Hasham Family was a family of teachers in Tanga with Dolatkhanu, Roshan, Gulzar and Khatun all involved in Teaching at the Agakhan Primary and Nursery Schools.

The extended Hasham family also held numerous Jamati positions including Tanga Council President, Council members, Tribunal chair and members and Majalis Mukhis and Kamadias.

In the 1970s the entire Muradali Hasham Family with the exception of Gulzar emigrated to Canada and settled in British Columbia and Alberta.

Some of the family details are as follows:

Muradali and Dolatkhanu Hasham Jeraj both passed away in Vancouver in 1983.

Roshan is married to Shahbudin Vellani and they have 2 children, Aziz and Nuri. They reside in Vancouver BC.

Gulzar is married to Lutaf Maherali Rahemtulla and they live in Nairobi, Kenya. They have 2 children Shafik and Nimet who live in Vancouver, BC. and London, England respectively and 4 grandchildren, Akber, Noureen, Hussein and Karim.

Amir is married to Zainab Alarakhia and they reside in Vancouver and have a son and a daughter, Faruk and Salima who also reside in Vancouver. Amir was an accomplished self-taught accordion player as father Muradali was playing the harmonium and youngest Alikhan was playing the drums and later the tabla.

Khatun is married to Nurali Ebrahim Hajee and they live in Vancouver BC. They have 2 daughters, Hamida and Shafina who also reside in Vancouver.

Alikhan is married to Naznin Damji and they reside in Edmonton, AB. They have 2 children Faizal and Farrah and 2 grandchildren Khaleem and Zahaan. Faizal resides in Ottawa with his wife Safeena and the grandchildren and Farrah resides in Edmonton.