Dhalla Walji

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Dhalla Walji
Place of longest stay Bukoba
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Merchant
Where Tanzania
Family tree List | Extended

Born in

The German Colonial Handbook Handbook 1908 mentions the firm of "Dhalla Walji & Co." as being merchants in Bukoba in 1908. As he is not listed in the earlier versions of 1903 or 1904, it would seem that he moved to Bukoba after 1904. The firm is listed again as being represented in Ussuvi (Bukoba District) in 1908.

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File:German Colonial Handbook 1908 Main Page.png|German Colonial Handbook 1908 File:Indian Traders Arusha 1908.png|Indian Traders Bagamoyo 1908 File:German Colonial Handbook 1908 pg1.png|German Colonial Handbook, page 1 1908 File:Indian Traders Bukoba 1908.png| Indian Traders Bukoba 1908 </gallery