Dharamsi Khatau

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Haji Dharamsi Khatau
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  • 1865
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Born in 1865 Nagalpur

In 1890, Dharamsi Khatua immigrated to Zanzibar from Bombay after travelling for a month in a dhow. He established Dharamsi Khatau and Co., which imported textiles from Germany, and proceeded to set up 40 branches throughout East Africa, including in Mombasa, Lamu, Malindi, Mazeras, Takangu, Kisumu, Bukoba, Nairobi and Meru, where the newly arrived Ithna-Asheries worked before establishing their own businesses.

In 1893, Dharamsi Khatau called his brother Jivraj Khatau from British Indiato manage a branch of Dharamsi Khatau & Co in Mombasa.

Together with Jivraj Khatau, he settled substantial endowments for Mosques, Imambadas and Qabrastans.