Fazal Esmail Jaffer

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Fazal Esmail Jaffer
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Town of birth
  • Bagamoyo
Country of birth
  • Tanzania
Date of Birth
  • 1894/02/16
Date of Death
  • 1966/01/30
Place of Death
  • Dar es Salaam
Fatma Esmail 19071939
Hassanali Esmail 19092003
Issa Esmail 19051980
Jena Esmail 19142002
Mariam Esmail 19212012

Born in 1894 Bagamoyo

According to the community oral records, Fazalbhai Esmail was Kamadia (Deputy) of the Tanga Khoja Ismaili Jamat 195-1926. <gallery widths=450px heights=450px perrow=4 class="m-auto text-center"> File:Mukhi-Kamadia plaque - Tanga 1905-1932.png|List of all Mukhis & Kamadia, Tanga 1905-1932.