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Firoz Shroff
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Date of Birth
  • 1950

Born in 1950

Firoz Shroff comes from a well-reputed and known business family with strong ties in Indian Sub-Continent, Africa, Europe, USA and Canada.

Born in 1950, Firoz Shroff has led a successful marriage and has established and preserved his marriage on values of prayer, faith, forgiveness, compassion, repentance, love, respect, work, and wholesome recreational activities. Married to Munira Kurani and has 6 wonderful intelligent and loving children, namely Khurrum, Sara, Ally, Qassim, Danish and Anushae. His brother/partner and mother live together. He strongly believes "Joint family system is very important to develop sense of responsibility and understanding among coming generation”. To him wealth is great responsibility and he tries to induct that in all his children.

Family History

The roots of the Shroff family date back to late 1800's. The family ancestries originate from the South East Asian Sub Continent and have been part of the Ismaili community worldwide.

The family originally started business in Kathiawar in 1887 under the vision and dynamic leadership of Late Muljee Meherali Shroff during the British Raj and expanded its activities as far as the then ‘East Africa'.

Presently, their work is spread at several levels of the global society by providing higher visibility for the business sector, training, and heartening a social energy that provides upward linear mobility to entrepreneurs. They provide individuals and corporations with the vision, motivation, knowledge, information, as well as, training they require to be successful.

Presently, the Shroff's live and operate businesses in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Europe and SAARC region. All of them have been instrument as a cohesive team in supporting each other’s families globally. The teams are well known, trusted and a founding force behind professionally, astutely directed and managed businesses in their respective activities and countries.

The Shroff families, all together, have been dedicated to improving living conditions and opportunities at the grass root level, without regard to their faith, origin or gender no matter what part of the world it may be. They have been the community of the 21st Century backed by vision, resources and leadership unmatched in the social sector. In the long run, the Shroff family has visualized this as the starting of a comprehensive and constant investment in the social and capital of world, a linear social and economic energy to augment the common level of the quality of life.


Simply great, they have always been firm but fair, have given him enough rope to hang himself and then gently explained where he went wrong and how not to get it wrong next time without sounding like a dictator. They accept his warts and all, and are proud of whatever he does, no matter what it is. His father deceased when he was 27 years of age. His father was a hardworking, dedicated and adventurous personality traveling in 1950 down the East African coast and down to South Africa. He started life in the book selling and publishing industry and expanded into Real Estate activities.

Firoz's mother lives with him in their joint family. He knew that she is there for him whenever he needs her.

A self taught entrepreneur with ability to generate upfront fees income through licensing, franchising, agency and distribution agreements for public listed companies (plc’s) to globally arbitrage intrinsic values through his intellectual platform. His self taught education, experience and entrepreneurial mindset utilizes finance, accounting, mathematics and economics (FAME) to dissect transactions. His business experience has given him 5 hats i.e. businessman, entrepreneur, dealmaker, valufacturer and wealth originator. His VALUE ENHANCING process is: - To Collaborate trends, ideas, concepts, opportunities and patterns (TICOP) to identify intrinsic values. HIS MYSTIC VISION is: Invent seamless structures to create real financial wealth in perpetuity for CUSTOMERS giving them a permanent role as partners in progress. His belief is that non-heroic leaders and social wealth originating hermits are strategically implanting powerful social wealth component in their business model.


Adversities are inevitable. We can quit and lose -- or we can keep trying and win. Mr. Shroff is a very optimistic person towards adversities. He is a strong believer that there is a solution to every problem.

He is a confident person and takes responsibility for managing resources in a way that enables sustained performance. He is very energetic, determined, highly motivated, action oriented and committed to excellence couple with an enjoyment of working with people and seeing their achievements.


Walking, Traveling, Tutoring; Attending Seminars and Forums; Development of Research Center on Valufacturing and Social Entrepreneurship; Group Discussion Locally and Globally; Writing Research Papers on Social Wealth Creation are some of his avocations to be mentioned. He is actively working on developing a Global Business Research, Entrepreneurial and Deal Center what he calls Global BREAD center. He has allocated $ 1 million for this center to be established in joint venture with a Business School or a University that has enrollment challenges due to competition in business education. His preference is a small town university in Ontario Canada or New York State in USA. He plans to manage the center himself with a core team selected from within the University previous retired professionals on profit sharing basis. Also Firoz is very found of reading and collecting books and bookmarks.

Time in My Pocket

Forgetting and letting go is never an easy as it may sound. Then again, it doesn't really sound simple does it? There are so many things pulling you in so many directions at one time. Which direction could one possibly choose? Timing is a huge factor. In fact time is the key. Mr. Shroff values the essence of time very much and in seeing opportunities arising will move in all directions at the same time. This is why the dynamics of his priorities may very rapidly change causing some hindrance with his team to cope with such pace. However, Firoz is always there constantly mentoring and coaching his team.

Professional Experience

As a succession plan Shroff has established a global team covering, Canada, Denmark, Thailand and Pakistan to establish a succession team. The succession has foundation of social entrepreneurship and women empowerment led by Rizwan Khan, Kirsten Riddervold, Henrik Skasken Jeffery Lahm and Hashwin Ganesh.

Shroff is taking role as Philanthropreneur as Mentor to Futuristic Family Office that will be listed on Capital market.

Over 35 years of international experience as an independent entrepreneur in creating wealth. Have an exceptionally strong record of contribution and diverse experience with four Fortune 500 companies during times of start-up, restructuring, and growth. Great exposure to Broad general management involvement in analysis and redesign of companies, Corporate Finance Advisory, Deal Structuring and International Tax and Financial Planning.

Positions held as Executive Chairman, CEO, COO as well as interim CEO. Has led projects from inception to final implementation for family and private investors focused on wealth creation. Through proprietary value enhancement tools and models he can assist to increase public companies market capitalization in partnership with existing management.

President Past- Director

United Nations Association of Canada - Toronto UNACTO

Non-Profit; 11-50 employees; UNACTO; Non-Profit Organization Management industry)

April 2005 - Present (2 years 8 months)

Mr. Shroff was elected to spearhead revival of UNACTO as Chairman of New Committee. Elected President and created a board of over 10 directors. Several programs initiated to develop UNACTO as self sustaining organization with guidance from national office to convert a loss making operation into self supporting virtual office through personal endowment and family and friends donations.

Founder Idea Sponsor

Social Entrepreneurship Fund through Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc

(Partnership; 1-10 employees; SEF; Capital Markets industry)

2003 - Present (4 years)

SEF function is to invest and assist management of public listed companies to generate new revenue streams with social attributes to enhance their shareholders value and market capitalization without affecting their present balance sheet.

President and CEO

Sasi Wealth Consulting Services through International Business Consortium (Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Import and Export industry)

July 2001 - Present (6 years 5 months)

Sasi Wealth Origination Consulting Services 'SWOCS' is an International Canadian firm established by Mr.Firoz. The Company is specialized in export and import of Intellectual Capital. Firoz Shroff offers specialized wealth originating and strategic wealth enhancement planning services to companies for global expansion through identification of intrinsic values.

President Homeland International Inc

(Non-Profit; 1-10 employees; Individual & Family Services industry)

March 1999 - Present (8 years 9 months)

Homeland International Inc. was established as A Canadian Federally Registered Charitable Organization in 1999 by Firoz Shroff to undertake local and global Community Housing and Mixed Use Development Projects with communities, countries and corporations to address the affordable housing needs of individuals and families through prudent and sound management to create employment, economic prosperity, safe environment, provide educational opportunities and social sustainability

Chief Trustee

Sasi Foundation

(Non-Profit; 11-50 employees; NP; Investment Banking industry)

January 1979 - Present (28 years 11 months)

As Wealth Creating Hermit and Social Entrepreneur he has 37 years of experience in providing family Equity Capital, Management, Finance, Marketing, Philanthropy, EntrepreneurSHIP, Social Wealth Origination Plans, Investment Banking with Social Attributes, Corporate Finance, Valufacturing, Ecotomic Values to create idea currency through knowledge, intellect, talent and experience and wisdom of intellectual assets. Have traits in Global Volunteerism – managing Global Projects – arranging Finance and Investment, – handle cross border M & A Activities, create and arbitrage proprietary derivatives – contacts with Stock Brokerage firms–operated Real Estate and family REIT in substantial 10 figures –underwrite Public listed companies issues - provide funding to Social Ventures – inject personal and family capital resources as Social Capital/Social Equity – Identify intrinsic values through Economic of Social Scope and Scale.

Idea Sponsor - Founder and President International Business Consortium in JV with Sasi Real Estate Group

(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; SREG; Real Estate industry) February 1977 - Present (30 years 10 months)

  • Valufacturing Brand, advertising revenue from presale. Develop Ecotomic strategy with intellectual and intrinsic assets.
  • Strategic and tactical business plan and sales strategy development.
  • Experience in new businesses formation via public listed companies, business structures, and structuring deals and commercial transactions.
  • Generated new development deals for a real estate development company that focuses on multi-family residential, commercial, condos, shopping, resort and hospitality projects, including real-estate market analysis.

Executive Chairman

Sasi Group of Companies

(Privately Held; 201-500 employees; none; Investment Banking industry)

February 1976 - December 2000 (24 years 11 months)

Responsibilities included bringing various fragmented businesses and turning a family owned group into a corporate entity by consolidating its activities in various part of the world. The countries included Pakistan, India, Kenya, UK, Bangladesh and USA. The sphere of business included investment banking, stock brokerage, financials services, real estate, retailing, publishing, leisure, marketing, advertising, construction, consulting. For detail information visit


Businessman, Entrepreneur, Deal Maker, Valufacturer, Wealth Originator, Futurist, and Ecotomic Ideation Guru. Has 37 years of experience in Commerce, Management, Marketing, Investment Banking and Philanthropy. Has talent to combine information with tacit knowledge to create intrinsic values for the management of public listed companies to increase their market capitalization. He respects intellectual capital, talent and experience as currency to create Social Capital, Investment and Assets.

United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Chapter

Firoz Shroff 2004 to present

Mentor & Past President

Firoz currently works with United Nations Association of Canada Toronto Chapter. as a Mentor to the Board and various Committees.

Mr. Shroff has been a member of UNACTO since 2004 to date in several capacities and served as President UNACTO 2005-06, also appointed as Proteam Chairman by UNAC to re-establish Toronto Chapter in 2005. He was given honorary lifetime membership of UNACT0. He also acts as Mentor to various UNACTO committees. Shroff family bought privately the domain of and endowed it as gift to UNACTO. Shroff has experience of 45 years as Big Idea thinker, futurist, dare to dream approach and 3 generational experience to innovate billion dollar ventures and is savvy creator of mega multibillion social entrepreneurial ventures both for public listed companies and nonprofit sectors.

He has served as a remote coach at Tulane University’s Social Entrepreneurship MBA program (US) and also spoke in 2013 on Social Entrepreneurship at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, (Canada). He operates a socially driven private equity hedge fund and valufacturing firm Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc

The Shroff family is extended in 10 countries. He is father of Khurram, Reshmeen, Sara, Ally, Kassim, Danish, Sanam and Anushae and 5 grand children. Shroff was keynote speaker at Family Office event in Toronto in 2013. His nonprofit work includes serving as the President of Homeland International Inc. and as the founder, trustee and chairman of various other Foundations.

In his professional life, he operates several ventures in real estate projects and corporate venturing firm to assist public listed companies to increase shareholders value through social entrepreneurship and wellness thinking. Under his leadership, he is forming a BCorp as public listed company that will own the Wellness District theme and develop 1st flagship in Markham . He is working on developing at various locations The International Club of Canada, Bollywood Club and Taipan Club. The 1st flagship of Wellness District will be a 2.5 mill Sqft mixed used development. Majority of development profits from these ventures of Wellness District at various locations will be endowed to many educational, philanthropic, social, nonprofit and social entrepreneurship organizations like Universities, Municipalities, UN Associations, Social Entrepreneurial Ventures to empower them to adopt Social Entrepreneurial practices with Wellness thinking.

Shroff operates a very close-door family office with back office in Dubai and has during his career managed globally $5 billion worth of transactions. The group has varied and wide interest in financial service, real estate sector, business development and trading activities.

Firoz welcomes all interaction from those who are interested in business and investing while helping make this world a better place...what he calls Social Entrepreneurship. Shroff encourages all Senior Management from all sectors to connect with him so he can mentor them to become part of UNACTO and its board to strengthen UNACTO and take it to next level