Gulamhusein Khamis Valli

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Huzur Mukhi Gulamhusein Khamis Valli
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“Mulla” was the street name of Gulamhusein Bhai Khamis Wali Nathu, brother of very old and well known Khoja Ismaili shayar poet, Fazal Bhai Wali Nathu known as "Dilgir" (Persian word “Conquerer of the Heart”) and son of Khamis Bhai Wali Nathu.

Mulla Gulamhusein became very popular in Dar es Salaam because whenever you saw him, you always found him smiling. He wore simple clothes and without any ego, he would socialize with the young and old.

Mulla served community since 1926 when he came to Dar es Salaam, being always present in all activities like Nikah, Maiyat etc.

He started his life with job and was always in employment but he managed to build his own house, an important accomplishment in those days.

Mulla saheb lead a very simple life. He saved money from his salary and his wife was also economical. They started a shop from their savings.

In 1939, he built a simple house for 12,000 shillings. In 1953, he built one storey on it and its expense was 26,000 shillings. He built another storey for 38,000 shillings. In 30 years, due to his simple life style and planning, he managed to own a house, which doubled in price during his lifetime.

This house was situated on Msimbazi and Stanley Street and was named Yasmin Mansion after his daughter.

In 1954, he received the title of Huzur Mukhi.