Gulamhussein Ladak

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Mukhi Gulamhussein Ladak
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Country of birth
Date of Birth
  • 1889
Place of Death
Name of Cemetery and plot no
Place of longest stay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Business-Cotton Mills
Where-City or Country

Born in 1889

Early Life

When he was 10 years of age(1899), Gulamhusein Bhai came to Saadani from Kutch with his father.The business did not thrive and so he moved to Pemba, where he started trading in cloves and found some success.

In 1926, he closed his profitable trade of cloves and went to Dar es Salaam, which was becoming a major center in East Africa. At that time, grains, cotton and Kadki was imported to Dar es Salaam from many countries and Gulamhusein Bhai started a goods brokerage. And some time, he became successful and then became a shareholder of East African Cotton Company, a large cotton milling company.

With his growing success, in 1945, Gulamhusein Bhai bought Mikeseni Cotton Mill in the Rufiji area. Mikeseni Mill had been operating for 30 years, having been started by a Khoja Ismaili, Ramji Gulamani. He sold the mill to L. Besson, a French company, which rented the mill to Viththaldasbhai Haridas. Eventually, it came to under possession of Japan Cotton Company and was then bought by the East African Cotton Company.

"In 1943, all the ginneries were owned by the East African Cotton Company. The Logeloge and Msomeni (Mikeseni) ginneries were later bought by an Asian and were closed down in 1972" Kjell J. Havnevik- Tanzania: The Limits to Development from Above (pp 103)

After the purchase, the mill was known as Ladaks Limited.

Civic Service Sewa

1923-25: Community Volunteer for 2 years in Jangbar

1929: Building Committee member for 1 year in Dar es Salaam

1932-33: Chairman of Dispensary Committee for 2 years in Dar es Salaam

1929: Building Committee member for 1 year in Kisuju

1932-1934: Mukhi - Chief Khoja Ismaili Jamatkhana

1934: Building Committee member for 1 year in Morogoro

1934-37: Boarding School Committee for 4 years in Dar es Salaam

1932-38: Treasurer of Panjebhai Committee for 7 years in Dar es Salaam

According to the community oral records, G.Ladak was Mukhi (Chief) of the Dar es Salaam Khoja Ismaili Jamat between 1932-1933.