Gulamhussein Abdulrasul Dhalla

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Mr. Gulamhussein Abdulrasul Dhalla
Date of Death
  • 1969
Place of Death
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Business

Born in

The Dhalla business was hotels, bars, mill and bakery:

New, Avenue (& Star Bar) and Tanga Hotels in Tanga, and a bar and adjoining mill in Muheza about 40 kilometres west, and Noor Bakery in Tanga. The business did very well, as did Tanga's economy especially prior to the Korean War of 1954 when sisal prices went up more than ten-fold.

Noor Bakery was expropriated by the British administration for road widening - without any compensation.

In the late 1950s, sisal prices plummeted, the bank calling in its loan against the big-money Tanga Hotel which went bankrupt. The rest of the small-money business had to be disposed off.

With family business gone, Gulamhusein went to work for L. F. Smith (which later became Smith Arbutnoth) using his previous shipping experience.