Gulamhussein Remtulla

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Alijah Gulamhussein Remtulla
All Nicknames REMU
Place of birth Gwadar
Country of birth India
Address (Home or Hospital) Home
Date of Birth 1886
Date of Death 1965
Place of Death Colombo
Place of longest stay Colombo
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Business-Tea
Where Sri Lanka
Family tree List | Extended
Muhammad Remu 1860–1924

Born in 1886 Gwadar

Gulamhussein Remtulla (Remu) was a dry fish exporter from Gwadar, who first come to Colombo in the 1920s on a business trip. In 1933, he came back to settle and started as an importer of dates but then acquired a most lucrative agency for [ps:// Usha Fans], which his family went into manufacturing for the entire Si Lanka market.

He was also responsible for bringing a number of Kutchi Khojas families to Sri Lanka, including his relative, Hussein Jaffer Bhimji.

In all, Remu spent 79 years in Sri Lanka and died in Colombo in 1965.

His firm still exists in Colombo holding some prize real estate and, until 4 years ago, exporting quality teas.