Haji Musa Alana

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Haji Musa Alana
Place of longest stay
  • Bagamoyo
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Trader- Utensils & Canned Goods
Where-City or Country
  • Tanzania

Born in

The German Colonial Handbook 1903 mentions the firm "Hadji Musa Alana & Co" a merchants of Utensils and Canned goods, resident in the German East Africa capital of Bagamoyo & Tabora & Bukoba in 1903.

<gallery widths=450px heights=450px perrow=4 class="m-auto text-center"> File:German Colonial Handbook 1903 Front Page.png|German Colonial Manual Supplement 1903 File:Bagamoyo Khoja Merchants 1903.png|List of some Bagamoyo Khoja Merchants,listed by trade. pg 121

File:Indian Traders Tabora and Tanga 1903.png|Indian Traders Tabora1903 <gallery>