Haji Thawer

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Haji Thawer
Haji Thawer.png
Place of birth Lalpar, Kathiawar
Country of birth India
Date of Birth 1863
Date of Death 1931
Family tree List | Extended
Alibhai Thawer 1877–1920
Pirbhai Thawer 1865–1940

Born in 1863 Lalpar, Kathiawar

Haji (b.1863) was the eldest son of of Thawer Mohamed. He married Noorbai and they had 5 sons: Kassam, Juma, Ebrahim, Nazarali, Fazal, and 2 daughters.

Haji stayed behind when his peers sailed for Africa towards the end of the century. As was customary he stayed behind to look after the parents and family business, and only went to Africa in later years as a 'tourist' to visit his sons and other family members.

That same year, 1931, Haji went for Haj with his brother Pirbhai; Haji died there while still on pilgrimage, aged 68 years. Coincidently, Haji was born on Haj day, and had thus acquired his name.