Ismail Manjee Keshavjee

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Mr. Ismail Manjee Keshavjee
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Town of birth
Country of birth
Date of Birth
  • 1905/12/31
Name of institution of highest education achieved
  • Government Coloured School
  • Pretoria
Place of longest stay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Business
Where-City or Country

Born in 1905 Pretoria

On leaving school joined father's firm of M Keshavjee Co and became partner in the business in 1921.

In 1933 opened oil industry in the firm name of South African Oil Co.

Soon after started business of shirt and -clothing manufacturers —the Universal Shirt and Clothing Manufacturers

Life president of the All-Black Footbal Club.

Life presedent. of the Black Dominos Rugby F.C.

Held various other public appointments.