Ismail Vali Allana

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Ismail Vali Allana

Born in

Juma Ismail or Juma Jan Muhammad traced his descent from a certain Ramal, who lived in the village of Buara in district Thatta, Sind and died in Jerruk.

His son mostly dwelt in Kutchh and returned to Bhambor in Sind. The Kalhora rulers of Sind were his deadly enemies, therefore, the son of Ramal came in Karachi, assuming the name, Bambo.

His son was Motiyo, who lived in district Badin.

His son Allana, whose son Vali resided in Tando Bagho, Sind and looked after the shrine of Pir Tajuddin.

Vali married to Jusafa and had two sons, Ismail and Ramzan. Ismail had three sons, Muhammad, Piru and Juma; and four daughters, Chhatal, Karamsi, Mama and Fatima.

Ismail came in Karachi.