Jadavji Walji Bhatia

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Jadavji Walji Bhatia
Place of birth Kharkharda, Jamnagar
Country of birth India
Date of Birth 1873
Date of Death October 17, 1942
Place of Death Khakharda, Jamnagar
Place of longest stay Jamnagar, Kharkharda
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Business - Clothing Store
Where Jamnagar, Kharkharda
Family tree List | Extended
Walji Harji Bhatia 1853–1928
Ladubai Murji 1855–1910
Mongibai Daya 1879–1971

Born in 1873 Kharkharda, Jamnagar

"Grandfather had a textile business in Jamkhambalia, which is a town in the Jamnagar district in Gujarat, and he exported machinery and exposed his children to different social atmospheres.

As the business grew in Jamkhambalia, grandfather had a lot of problems transporting the textile goods they produced to other towns nearby. He is believed to have approached Jam Saheb (ruler or king) in Jamnagar and suggested that a railway station be built in which he would personally offer financial support and labour.

This was well received by the ruler, and the railway station was constructed in the village of Bhatiya, near Jamnagar. Since grandfather was well respected by the ruler and the people there, he automatically inherited the title ‘Bhatiya’, which has continued as the last name to this day, except that the spelling has changed a little to ‘Bhatia’. His acquired name has been handed down to many generations and today the Bhatia family is a very large Ismaili (Khoja) family which is spread around the world."

Extract from "Life Actually, My Memoir by Nargis Gerke-Bhatia Friesen Press (2013)