Jenabai Ismail Janmohamed

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Jenabai Ismail Janmohamed
Jenabai Hussein Gangji.png
Town of birth
  • Nagalpur
Country of birth
  • India
Date of Birth
  • 1970/01/01
Date of Death
  • 1976
Place of Death
  • Dodoma
Name of Cemetery and plot no
  • Dodoma Ismaili Cemetery
Place of longest stay
  • Dodoma
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Making Pachedi Patti
Where-City or Country
  • Tanzania

Born in 1970 Nagalpur

Jenabai used to make pachedi patti (the decorative strip on the women's shawls) in Dodoma, 1940's.

Her daughter, Kulsum remembers how once, when her eldest brother, Sultan, had the measles Jenabai had, by law, to quarantine him. But the only hospital available to non Europeans was one which was of such low quality and which was run by an incompetent German, at whose hands many children died regularly.

Jenabai would not hand over her son to this doctor, who then came out with a whip, abused (I do not know if the whip was used or only threats were made), asking her to hand Sultan over. She did not– but walked to another hospital-which was reserved for Europeans. They would not let her in. She insisted that she would not leave.

When night fell, she slept outside, exposed to the night, cradling her infant son. Kulsum says how Jenabai described the terrible night(s?) she spent outside- her major fear being that the hyenas one could hear in the night, might attack her son, while she was asleep. She slept fitfully, cradling him all night. �

During the day, some other doctor – more sympathetic- took Sultan in. Grand mother stayed in the hospital, sleeping on the floor- I believe- until Sultan could be taken home. Kulsum describes how the first doctor, who had threatened to whip her came and told her that now she could go home with her son.