Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri

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Khan Bahadur Kassim Ali Hasan Ali Javeri
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All Nicknames
  • Chhabildas Harkisandas Javeri
Town of birth
Country of birth
Date of Birth
  • 1877/05/12
Date of Death
  • 1968/05/28
Place of Death
Place of longest stay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Jeweller
Where-City or Country
Hasan Ali Javeri 18441924

Born in 1877 Surat

The gupti Ismailis of north Gujrat abandoned concealment and declared themselves as the Muslims at the end of 1914. The first group comprising of 70 individual came forward and introduced themselves on June 10, 1915 and Islamitized their names.

Among them, Kassimali Hasanali Javeri (Hindu name Chhabildas Harkisandas Javeri), and his brothers, Didarali Hasanali Javeri (Hindu name Dayabhai Harkisandas Javeri), became the Mukhi and died in 1919, Nuruddin Muhammad Hasan Javeri (Hindu name Nanabhai Harkisandas Javeri), who died in 1954; and Karamali Hasanali Javeri (Hindu name Kalidas Harkisandas Javeri). They also published their Islamic names in the Government Gazette and placed a sign board on their Jamatkhana, designating it as the Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana.

Kassimali Hasanali Javeri was born on May 12, 1877 in Surat.

His surname was Dhupelia as his father Hasanali's (1844-1924) profession was in the incense, a kind of fragrant substance, called dhup.

Soon afterwards, his surname became Javeri for his business in jewellery. His father Hasanali died on March 29, 1924 at the age of 80 years. Kassimali was a leading trader of the diamonds in Bombay.

In 1900, Kassimali Hasanali Javeri went to Europe on his mercantile trip and lived in Paris, where he and his brother, Alijah Nuruddin Muhammad Hasan Javeri (d. 1954) started M/S D.N. Javeri & Co.

He made a Jamatkhana in his residence with Murad Ali as Mukhi and Ashadali Haji as the Kamadia.

He returned to British Indiain 1914 and lived in Surat and settled finally in Bombay since 1920.

He also rendered his invaluable services to the citizens of Bombay. The Bombay government vested him the title of Khan Bahadur in appreciation of his services.

Kassimali Hasanali Javeri was also a member of Bombay Council, and the founder member of the Federal Council for India. He served the Ismaili jamat in different capacities for about 50 years.

During the last days of his life, his health deteriorated and needed much care. He at last died on Tuesday, May 28, 1968 at Bombay.