Mohamed Jaffer Ramzanali S. Hansraj

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Mohamed Jaffer Ramzanali S. Hansraj
Town of birth
  • Mundra
Country of birth
  • India
Date of Birth
  • 1874
Date of Death
  • 1918/10/27
Place of Death
  • Bombay
Place of longest stay
  • Bombay
Profession or occupation carriedout for the longest period in life
  • Businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Trader
Where-City or Country
  • Bombay

Born in 1874 Mundra

Mahomed Jaffer, a successful businessman in Bombay and Europe, generously willed one lac rupees to build a sanatorium for sick and convalescent Ismailis.

However, because he passed away before he could build it, it was left to his son, Ismail, to realize his father's humane dream.

In 1931, he actually built a large sanatorium in Panchgani, known as Bagh-e-Rahat, at a cost of approximately Rs. 130,000.