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Dr. Mohamed Manji
Mohamed Manji 2021.jpg
Place of birth Mbeya
Country of birth Tanzania
Place of longest stay Vancouver
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Radiation Oncology
Where Canada
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Born in Mbeya

Dr Mohamed Fazal Manji. MD DMRT DABRT FRCPC

Consultant Radiation Oncologist, B.C. Cancer Agency

Clinical Associate Professor, University of British Columbia, Vancouver B.C.

I was in primary school at The Aga Khan School Mbeya, Tanzania when we had a visitor. Missionary Kassamali from Karachi was visiting Mbeya as part of his East African waez trip. He was accompanied by our Mukhi Hassanali Saleh Haji and Kamadia Tajdin Dharsee, My father Rai Fazal Manji was with them as well as he was the Member of the Aga Khan Supreme Council of Tanganyika. During the visit to our class, one of the questions he asked us was "do you know which country Hazar Imam is visiting now and why?" I had a habit of reading Tanganyika Standard regularly and few days before this visit, I had read that Hazar Imam was on a fund raising tour of USA to finance the opening of surgical wing at The Platinum Jubilee Hospital Nairobi and it will include medical research unit. He also was visiting Los Almos Cancer Center. So I gave the answer to Missionary Kassamali’s question. Little did I know that one day I will become Radiation Oncologist and would be treating cancer patients.

I was born In Mbeya, Tanzania. After attending primary education in Mbeya, I attended Aga Khan Boys School, Dar es Salaam for my secondary and high school. Following that I joined Makerere University Kampala Uganda and obtained my medical degree in1971. Because of negative political situation in East Africa affecting mostly Tanzanian Indian population, I had decided to go abroad and specialize. I was a private student at Makerere University and thus had no obligation of doing national service. I initially went to Trinidad, West Indies to do my internship. Following a year there, I immigrated to Canada in July 1972. At that time there were only about 50 Ismailis in Toronto. In summer of 1973, I was privileged to be appointment by Hazar Imam to be the first Member for Health on the first H.H. the Aga Khan Ismaili Regional Council of Ontario and Quebec under President Riaz Jethwani. New immigrants continued to come from Tanzania in the following year. With further arrival of Ismaili immigrants from Uganda, being in the Ismaili Council, I was involved in helping settle them in Toronto and outside Toronto.

Prior to my arrival, I already had a work appointment to join Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto to do my residency in Radiation Oncology. Princess Margaret Cancer Center as it is now called was and is one of the five largest cancer centers in the world. During my residency, I spent a year at Sunnybrook Medical Center, Toronto to do a year in Internal Medicine. I also had the opportunity to do special courses in Nuclear Medicine and Endocrinology at Harvard Medical School in Boston USA. I obtained my U.S. Board Certification (DABRT) and my Canadian Fellowship (DMRT, FRCPC) in Radiation Oncology. I became the first Canadian trained Ismaili Radiation Oncologist in Canada and probably in North America. Joined B C Cancer Agency, Vancouver Clinic in 1977 as a fellow and became a consultant in 1979. Was also appointed on the medical faculty of the University of British Columbia with responsibility of teaching medical students and residents. Presently I am Clinical Associate Professor at University Of British Columbia. I also served as the Director of Radiation Therapy School at BC Cancer Agency from 1988 to 1991, which was involved in training of radiation therapists. I am known as Mo Manji in my field.

My major subspecialty is treating patients with pelvic malignancies i.e. lower gastrointestinal, gynaecological and genitourinary malignancies. In cancer of the cervix patients, I specialised in use of Intracavitary (internal- Brachytherapy) treatments. I have contributed to many peer review publications, abstracts, book chapters and also lecture presentations nationally and internationally. I have also participated in many national and international clinical trials.

Having been also involved in teaching local and international residents and students in Vancouver, I was recruited by King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, a major tertiary center, servicing the whole of Middle East in all specialties including Oncology. During my tenure between 1993 and 2005, I was involved in modernising the radiation oncology Department by obtaining state of the art technology and training the staff. Also involved in encouraging and arranging for Saudi residents for overseas training in Radiation Oncology programs. I advocated a change in managing cervix cancer patients (all women were from outside Saudi Arabia) who had unfortunately undergone Female genital mutilation. During my stay in Saudi Arabia, I was invited for presentation at many teaching conferences, in and outside Saudi Arabia i.e. Syria and Egypt. One of the major highlight was meeting President Nelson Mandela on his visit to Saudi Arabia in 1994 and King Abdulla of Saudi Arabia.

I was also involved in the planning of Radiation Oncology Department for The Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi. In 2004, I was invited by the Oncology Planning Committee headed by Dr Farat Abbas and at the request of AKU President Shamsh Lakha and later for Nairobi AKU Hospital Oncology Department. With the help of my Radiation Oncology colleague Dr Farrok Karsan and my Medical Physicist colleague Dr Sherali Hussein, we were able to advise in the construction of Radiation Oncology building and department, a very important section in cancer treatment program at the Aga Khan University Karachi for the treatment of cancer patients. I spent about 3 months in 2007 at AKU Karachi and about 3 months at AKU Nairobi in 2012.

I ended up staying in Saudi Arabia for a total of 12 years and then returned to Canada and rejoined BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver BC.

I am now in the field of Radiation Oncology since 1972 and presently still working, this time at BC Cancer Agency Kelowna Clinic, though not full time, as I want to spend more time with my wife Anar, our two sons Jamil and Faisal, our daughters in law Shaila and Tanya, our granddaughter Kayana, and two grandsons Mikhail and Ethan.