Nasser Lila

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Nasser Lila
Place of Death Zanzibar
Place of longest stay Zanzibar
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Business- Ivory Trader
Where Zanzibar
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Born in

"In 1887 Ropes, the American ivory trader, complained bitterly that business bad gone rotten. He railed against the Zanzibar cutthroats: ‘P Dossa, Nassir Lila, Salie Jacksie, Peera Dewjie, Seewar Hadjie & Musa.. .all a set of rushing, failing, cheating, swindling gamblers, buying anything &C everything for luck.' "

Aldrick, Judith. The Sultan's spymaster: Peera Dewjee of Zanzibar. Naivasha: Old Africa Books, 2015. pg 191