Nurdin Merali Jiwa

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Nurdin Merali Jiwa
Town of birth

Born in Mombasa

by Shenaz Jeraj, Edmonton, AB, August 11, 2011

  • Dad was more of an entrepreneur and started playing with chemistry sets that got him into making medicine for insect/snake bites, etc. ; dad started making a few bucks on his homemade medicine
  • British law in East Africa curtailed Dad's plans to make homemade medicine as it required a professional Pharmacy designation
  • Dad switched to making ink and erasers as a result, which got him into the Stationery business that grew and lasted until we left
  • Grandfather’s connections with the Europeans assisted in getting clients with Smith McKenzie, Barclays Bank, Amboni Estates, etc.
  • Dad went to Heidelberg often to purchase the latest in Offset Printing equipment
  • While in Europe, a trip to Cologne and Paris got him into the perfume business that Sultan Chacha ran
  • With Kabir Uncle in London since 1959 and Dad purchasing a home for him and us, meant we could go study in England and be back, which many of my uncles and aunts did
  • The 10 children in order are: Kabir, Malek, Nurdin, Gulshan, Sadru, Sultan, Farida, Firoz, Anise and Shaukat; there are many grandchildren and now great, great grandchildren

Dad did a lot of Seva:

  • Social Welfare member on the council;
  • built JK (project managed),
  • built Widow Flats, built the cemetery,
  • built duplexes for the needy in the Jamat,
  • started Ismailia Corporation which guaranteed 6% savings interest and a loan program, etc.