Pira Khimji

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Pira Khimji
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  • Entrepreneur
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"Some people went bankrupt without making any loss. Pira Khimji, for example, seemed to be a quite successful businessman He was the partner of Dewji Walji, with whom he successfully did business as an auctioneer. In addition, he acted as a broker to the British firm, Smith McKenzie, and he bought a press in order In print a newspaper. This highly diversified business was eventually brought to court after Khimji had mortgaged his wife’s jewellery in order to buy the printing press. The insolvent’s report suggests that Khimji’s continual expansion has been too speculate Nevertheless, none of his ventures made any losses. However his creditors forced him in May 1904 to repay his debts immediately. This made the Trustee to rhetorically ask why the creditors ruined a business that was running good."

Oonk, Gijsbert - Settled Strangers- South Asian Business Elites in East Africa 1800-2000 Sage (pg 90)