VIDYAPATI - Indian Poet

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Hindu turuke milala vasa (Hindus and Turks live together)

Ones dhamma funny to the other;

One calls the faithful to prayer, The other recites the Vedas;

One butchers animals saying bismillah, The other butchers animals in sacrifices;

Some are called Ojhas, others Khojas;

Some read astrological signs, others fast in Ramadan;

Some eat from copper plates, others from pottery;

Some practice namaz, others do puja; 33

33 Vidyapati. 1997. Kīrttilataˉ. Shashinath Jha, ed. Bihar: Madhubani.(2.45 46)

As quoted in "Hindu: A History" by Audrey Truschke Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA Cambridge University Press- Comparative Studies in Society and History (2023), 1–26 doi:10.1017/S0010417522000524 (pg 9)