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What Is the Khoja Oral Family History Project?

It is a late but urgent response to this dilemma - KhojaWiki.org seeks to codify those family stories, connect them with other people's stories, provide relevant information on places and highlight historical events at that time using live links, just like Wikipedia - a searchable Wikipedia of Khoja families stories. Finally, it creates a printable Family Tree of unlimited generations and a handy feature to find links between individuals. For privacy and safety, no contact information is publicly provided.

So computer-literate contributors create their own family history pages for each person and upload photos, documents as well as audio/video materials, etc. The user-creator only can change or add information etc. at any time. For elders, volunteer journalists (interviewers) help the seniors recall names, dates, events, etc. which are then uploaded onto khojaWiki.org. Other registered users help write essays, do research on families and also monitor the site. To help build our collective knowledge, such essays can be amended or added to by any registered user but will only be uploaded after review by other users.

The whole collection, including the family stories, the essays, as well as photographs, documents and audio/video material will be freely available on www.KhojaWiki.org for the use of those families and their future generations as well as everyone else, including scholars of history.

"Oral history as narrated by the subjects themselves is a powerful instrument for a ‘history from below’" *

Please help us in this timely cause by adding your own family history. Add a story here

*"Gijsbert Oonk- Settled Strangers - Asian Business Elites in East Africa (1800-2000) - Acknowledgements"