Al Noor Kassum

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Hon.Minister Al Noor Kassum
Al Noor Kassam as Chancellor of the University.JPG
All Nicknames Nick
Place of birth Dar es Salaam
Country of birth Tanzania
Date of Birth January 11, 1924
Education Name of institution of highest education achieved Lincolns Inn, London
Place of longest stay Dar es Salaam
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Politics
Where Dar es Salaam
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Born in 1924 Dar es Salaam

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Al Noor Kassum is retired Tanzanian politician. Educated in Tanzania and the UK, where he was called to the Bar at the Inns of Court in London, Al Noor Kassum was a prominent figure in Tanzanian politics and the Ismaili Khoja community after the country's independence. He held several ministerial positions within the Tanzanian government and was also the East African Community's Minister of Finance and Administration.

He has held senior positions in UNESCO and at the UN Headquarters in New York.

He has served as the Chancellor of the Moshi Cooperative University and currently, is Vice-Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania.

[Notable work: Africa's Winds of Change: Memoirs of an International Tanzanian.