Alimohamed Asani

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Alimohamed Asani
All Nicknames
  • Alu Seth
Date of Death
  • 1910
Alidina Asani 17931881

Born in

Ali Muhammad Alidina, the son of Mukhi Alidina Asani (1793-1881) was an eminent contractor in Karachi. In addition, his brothers and himself managed a business of hides and skins. They extended their mercantile activity as far as Burma. Ali Muhammad was an influential person, sharing a close friendship with the British officers in Karachi. He was also in good terms with Muhammad Rawjee (1830-1897), Sir Karim Ibrahim (1840-1924), and some other eminent persons of the Persian Gulf. Upon the visit of emperor George V in Karachi in 1905 when the monarch was only Prince of Wales, Ali Muhammad lodged him in the Panjibhai Club house, located in the Garden area at his own expenses. The Commissioner of Sind expressed officially his gratitude for his great hospitality by making an announcement in the 'Gazette of Sind' in 1905. In addition, he hosted a warm reception for the Prince of Wales with 500 guests in Karachi on March 19, 1908. He also took a leading part in community affairs. He was popularly nicknamed 'Alu Seth' and died in 1910.

Ali Muhammad married thrice. His son Alidina was born on March 4, 1884, in Karachi from his first wife. He had a son and a daughter with his second wife. Abbas and Hasan Ali were the sons whom his third wife gave birth to. Alidina received his early education in Sind Madressa School, Karachi and then joined his father's business.