Amil Issa Shivji

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Mr. Amil Issa Shivji
Amil shivji 2.jpg
Place of birth Dar es Salaam
Country of birth Tanzania
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Film Maker
Where Dar es Salaam
Family tree List | Extended

Born in Dar es Salaam

Amil Shivji is a young Tanzanian film maker with four films to his credit.

Amil wrote, produced and directed these films through his own company: Kijiweni Productions.

Samaki Mchangani (Short) 2011

Who Killed Me (Short) 2012

Shoeshine (Short) 2013 Link to Trailer of "Shoeshine"

Set in a busy street of Dar es Salaam, a shoeshine boy offers us a conscious and subconscious perspective of the space and people of his city ranging from the local politician to University students as well as the neighbor tea maker. This short-film is both a social commentary and an artistic depiction of the life, aspirations and perspectives of a working child.

Amil Shivji's new film "T-Junction" 2017

After the passing of her estranged father, Fatima makes an unlikely friend at a hospital, Maria. Bound by pain, Fatima keeps coming back to hear Maria's tale of the T-junction where she found love and loss in a ragtag community.

Director: Amil Shivji Writer: Amil Shivji Stars: Aloyce Fungafunfa, Martin White, Mzome Mahmoud