Ebrahim Jamal Pradhan

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Waras Ebrahim Jamal Pradhan
Country of birth

Born in

Ibrahim Bhai arrived in Kisumu in 1913 and received his early lessons in English from a station master.

He attended the Indian Government school until 1915. In 1916, he went to British Indiaand on his return, his wife, Sakinabai, accompanied him.

Ibrahim served as the first Chairman of the Kisumu Education Board in 1936 and as a member of the Kenya Central Board (1936-1945). The Jubilee Insurance Co. Ltd. was set up in 1937; and he became its agent for Nyanzi Province.

"As the family struggled to remake their business life, Bapaji’s brother Ebrahim, the brother who had stayed in Kisumu, branched out into new ventures, starting a taxi service and then the Ebrahim Jamal Insurance Agency.

As soon as his eldest son, Ismail passed his exams at the Government Indian School, he joined his father, working as a taxi driver for a while, collecting and taking people to the railway station — a job which eventually led him to the motor trade.

When young Ismail stood for election to the Municipal Council in the 1960s, although he identified himself as an Insurance Agent, his emblem was a motor car! (In 1968 he moved to Nairobi, and then to Mombasa, and is still in the motor vehicle business.)"

Shariffa Keshavjee