Fatma Bhanji Jiwa

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Mrs. Fatma Bhanji Jiwa
Place of longest stay Tanga
Profession or occupation Profession or occupation carried out for the longest period in life Business - Clothing Store
Where Dar es Salaam
Family tree List | Extended

Born in

by Munira Jamal, Toronto, ON, November 27, 2011

Fatma and her husband Jafferali Dhanji Suleman had a clothing store in Dar-es-salaam and later settled in Tanga in the 60's.

by Nizar Goa, Edmonton, AB, November 29, 2011

Jamal Goa had 2 children, a boy Gulamhusien and a girl Bhanibai Damji Keshavjee.

Gulamhusein J. Goa had 3 children, all boys, Amir, Diamond and myself

Amir had 4 children, Riyaz, Azmina, Nimet and Karim.

Riyaz was a Chalu Kamadia at Putney JK ,UK from 1996 - 1999. After that he was Chalu Mukhi at the UK Darkhana (London Ismaili Centre) - he was Chalu Mukhi during MHI’s Golden Jubilee Darbar in London, UK. He went on to be Chalu Mukhi for almost 8 years.

Diamond had 3 children, Ferzana, Rishma and Altaf. Diamond passed away at a young age of 38 years just 3 months after landing in Edmonton.

I have 2 children, Alykhan and Shelina.

Bhanibai Damji Keshavjee had 5 children, Abdulsultan, Shamshu, Ramzan, Abdul and Dolibai Habib Meghji.

Abdulsultan “Babu” Damji had 3girls and 2 boys.

Shamshu and Ramzan Damji did not marry.

Abdul “John” Damji had 4 children.

Dolibai Habib Meghji has 8 children, lived in Arusha.

The only “oldies” left in my Blood Family are Khatoon Amir Jamal, Dolibai Habib Meghji and myself.