Hashum J. Rahimtoola

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Hashum J. Rahimtoola
Date of Birth
  • 1896

Born in 1896

Hasham was an under-graduate of the Bombay University and was interested in the Stock Exchange.

Whilst in Bombay, he was well-known in Bombay Society.

After Indian Independence, Hasham settled down in Karachi.

He was the Secretary of the Karachi Stock Exchange and brought it up to a high level.

Mr. Hooseinally M. Rahimtoola had round about 1940, prepared some Family Notes. He had also kept, prior to his departure for Africa, some rough notes with his younger brother Suleman and, later on, some more notes with his son Jaffar.

This paper is an attempt to put together the available data for future generations of the family. It is hoped that the younger members of the family will periodically up-date this paper.

Sultanali Rahimtoola, Bombay 1988