Juma Bhagat Ismail

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Missionary Juma Bhagat Ismail
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  • 1868
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  • 1935/01/31
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  • CRI
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Born in 1868 Karachi

Juma Ismail or Juma Jan Muhammad traced his descent from a certain Ramal, who lived in the village of Buara in district Thatta, Sind and died in Jerruk. His son mostly dwelt in Kutchh and returned to Bhambor in Sind. The Kalhora rulers of Sind were his deadly enemies, therefore, the son of Ramal came in Karachi, assuming the name, Bambo. His son was Motiyo, who lived in district Badin. His son Allana, whose son Vali resided in Tando Bagho, Sind and looked after the shrine of Pir Tajuddin. Vali married to Jusafa and had two sons, Ismail and Ramzan. Ismail had three sons, Muhammad, Piru and Juma; and four daughters, Chhatal, Karamsi, Mama and Fatima. Ismail came in Karachi, where his son Juma or Juma Bhagat was born.

Juma Bhagat* was born in the Lassi area of Karachi in 1868, where he acquired his early education.

He, however, resided for the most part in the locality of Musa Lane, near Kharadhar, Karachi in the Seth Kassimbhai Vali Khoja Ismaili Poor House. He also passed his life in Gwadar, Sind, Bombay, Burma and served in East Africa for 20 years.

Juma Bhagat was a small trader and made his business trip as far as Zanzibar. He extended his business also to Burma.

Ismaili council zanzibar 1905.png

Juma Bhagat Ismail in Zanzibar 1905

He passed his retired life in Sultanabad, Sind since 1933.

Missionary Juma Bhagat died on January 31, 1935, at the age of 67 years. He left behind a son, Bandali.

Nurullah Bhagat was the son of Bandali, who was a missionary in East Africa and died in Karachi.

  • Those who took their spiritual training from the Satpanthi 'Bawas' were known as 'Bhagat'.