Kamrudin Jeraj Shariff

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Alijah Kamrudin Jeraj Shariff
Honorary Titles
  • Kamadia
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Born in Tanga

Kamrudin Jeraj Shariff By Nabat (Shariff) Kassam, Edmonton, AB, March, 2017

My dad Kamrudin was the second son of Waras Jeraj Shariff (my grandfather).

Kamrudin was lucky to finish schooling while my great uncle was supporting my grandfather. After finishing schooling, dad started out as a junior at Smith, MacKenzie & Co. (a British export-import company with branches all over East Africa) and worked himself up to Shipping Director at STC (State Trading Corporation, a company formed out of nationalization of export-import companies).

At the very young age of 21, Dad and his very good friend Razak Hasham Suleman (who served as the President of the Tanga Council when dad was on the Council) travelled to Europe and had an opportunity to have a mulakat (audience) with Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah.

He also assisted my grandfather in managing the family coffee farm called "Kwangele" (in the Usambara mountains between Tanga and Lushoto).

Dad married Zerakhanu Sajoo shortly after his trip to Europe. Mum was from a business family and was one of the very few women who could drive and was very much in touch with the current affairs. Her brother was Badruddin Sajoo who with his family ran a very successful business in Tanga and owned the Sajoo building on 6th Street in Tanga.

Dad’s service in the community included Member of Aga Khan Council where he served in leadership positions on various portfolios for 10 plus years. He was instrumental in engaging youth and training young professionals to take up leadership role on the council. Dad also served as Jamati Kamadia Saheb when Hazar Imam visited Tanga in 1966. [Grandpa was Tanga Mukhi, 1935-36, during the then Imam's Golden Jubilee; maternal grandma's brother Sadrudin Ali Nanji was the Tanga Mukhi, for eight years 1953-61, when the new (present) Imam made the first visit to Tanga upon becoming Imam in 1957.]

Dad was awarded a title of Alyjah.

Dad was also very active in external organizations.

As Rotarian, he worked on many projects and helped make a significant difference in the quality of life of many families and children. He also served on the Grand Lodge of Freemasons and received a title of Grand Master.

Dad went to Europe in 1970 with Fatehali Samji Babul and Taherali "Advocate" to attend the Rotary International Conference in Geneva.

Dad continued to serve as a Mason in the Grand Lodge when he settled in Vancouver Canada in 1978 and was appointed auditor for the Grand Lodge.

He also set up an accounting practice in Vancouver.

Dad lived a life of purpose and service to the family, community and country.

May God bless his and mum’s souls.