Nurmohamed Jeraj Shariff

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Nurmohamed Jeraj Shariff
Town of birth
Country of birth

Born in Jamnagar

Dad (Nurmohamed) was 15 years old when grandfather had a heart attack – was ordered by doctors to quit work due to a weak heart – thus the business closed down.

Dad (the eldest son) had to quit school and started a small dooka selling ushanga (custom jewellery) in Pangani which was miles out of Tanga – he would ride on his bicycle each week to get there. He would stay there for the week and come back on the weekend. The family survived on this business by working together i.e. the ushanga was hand made by my dadima (Sakar Khanu) and other ladies in the house, which also included my mum (Roshan) after she got married.

He gradually built enough of a clientele which allowed him to open a wholesale business (Jubilee Commercial Company) in Tanga on 7th Street in Ngamiani and he built contacts with local expatriates who made it possible for them to import from China and Germany – expanding into clothing, kitchenware and other sundries.

Eventually his brother Ashak joined him and two brothers Sadrudin and Shamshudin opened a branch in Korogwe and Rasool on 5th Street in Ngamiani.

They also purchased a coffee/tea farm in Lushoto.